Twisted World Overview

Twisted World

There is no end to Twisted, but there was a beginning. What kind of a beginning no one truly knows. Or, if they do know they most certainly aren't telling anyone else. The Council would have all believe that they forged Twisted themselves in order to save all the dimensions from crumbling in upon themselves. It is lies of course, but perhaps it lets the general populace sleep easy in their beds, believing that a core group of people could keep the dimensions from bleeding into each other forevermore. They are the Keepers of Twisted, assuredly, but the creators...creator even, perhaps, most certainly not.

Twisted Street is just that, a never ending street stretching forever in the distance. There is no end and no beginning to it, however, their is a middle. Cracked, bent, and twisted of course, it is not a nexus of dimensions, it is a gravity well for them. Pieces of buildings, people, monsters, even entire worlds are drawn to Twisted, or linked in someway to the street. Often times the seasons will change, the moon will come out on a nice sunny day, casting a pale grey glamour upon the land. No, it does not make sense. The world of Twisted is full of chaos, monsters roam between the worlds, hungry for souls. People are plucked from the street and tossed into different worlds, sometimes to their deaths, sometimes to new life.

Twisted world is not habitable, or if it is, anyone who lives there isn't talking about it. A neverending cascade of world changing, shifting dimensions every few seconds, piece of this and fragments of that, it is nigh impossible to even form coherent thought. As such, leaving the more stable part of Twisted, the Street, is a mission for fools, idiots, and the sucidial.

The Council

The Council (sometimes referred to as The High Council) is the only government like entity that exists in Twisted. Made up of nine rulers from different dimensions and races (though it is comprised mostly of High Elves), The Council makes sure the dimensions aren't being polluted by people moving from one world to the next. How can a single organization prevent such things from occuring? In truth, they cannot. However, they do their best to stop dimensional travelers from going to worlds that are not infected with off-dimension people, thus attempting to preserve them and let them proceed in their natural development. To help with this, The Council has created a group called Task, who are sent to round up people that have shifted dimensions and are causing a disturbance. What exactly a disturbance is seems to be up to The Council to decide. The Council meets in a large building floating just above the middle of Twisted Street, where they occasionally meet to try and discuss how best to deal with rising problems in Twisted itself, and hold court on traveling offenders, commenly known as Mal-Travelers.


Task is the closest it can come to a police force on Twisted, though anyone who would call it that would be laughed at. In truth, it is simply a small group of people who The Council have hired (or forced) to help keep people from wandering between the worlds willy nilly. Their primary focus is Mal-Travelers, and are often skipping dimensions in order to find the perpetrators (sometimes causing far more damage then the people they are after).


Mal-Travelers are the official designation (by the Council and the general populace that roam Twisted) who have a tendancy to skip between dimensions whenever they feel like it. The Council believes all such wanderers to be malicious and unsafe for all dimensions, and so seek to put an end to their dimension hopping ways by sending members of Task after them. Alas, there are so many people that move betweent he worlds, it is almost impossible to get them all, so often people are only labeled Mal-Travelers when they have caused significant changes in untouched dimensions. Almost everyone on Twisted is technically a Mal-Traveler, and The Council seems to make the final judgement on if they should be prosecuted or not.

The Usual Restaurant

One of the more stable places that's in Twisted, it is located right off of the middle of the street. It's been around for as long as anyone can remember, and is a refuge (sometimes) from the chaos of Twisted. At least, that's what the owner would like you to believe. In truth, The Usual Restaurant is a never ending source of chaos and confusion, where the plants talk, your drink becomes a love potion on the tenth sip, and shapeshifting seems to just randomly happen. Of course, there's no better place on Twisted Street to get some good food, good drinks, and hang out with your fellow Mal-Travelers, or Task. The Restaurant is known neutral ground, so it is not odd to see even wanted Mal-Travelers inside having a drink and not be harrassed by members of Task. (Although they don't buy each other drinks).