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Michael Lira: The AWESOME musician behind the app relaunch

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Michael Lira: The AWESOME musician behind the app relaunch

Postby BonsaiTreehouse » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:48 am

I noticed no-one really giving this much of a mention when the Atmosfear app first released, but I thought I’d provide a quick profile on the Australian composer who made the music, Michael Lira.


I made myself familiar with his almost avant-grade heavy metal alias “Darth Vegas” well beforehand after binging on Mr. Bungle, before finding Lira’s first known alias “Vicious Hairy Mary” which is as old as 1999 (and in particular, would’ve been a great fit for a Hellin VHS add-on if it ever got made)!

He’s worked in film, TV and a few virtual reality game projects, winning awards left right and centre for his truly unique sound. I can’t speak for his work on the app itself but if you’re curious, I highly recommend you check out his wider portfolio of music via his website :arrow:
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Re: Michael Lira: The AWESOME musician behind the app relaun

Postby Nons » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:14 pm

I tried so hard to rip the App Music, but it's not anywhere in the files!!
Regardless, Atmosfear seem to have a track record of wonderful composers-
I messaged Felicity Fox (DVD games) earlier this year, placing a £100 bounty on the raw soundtrack files. She couldn't find them, but was so kind, and passionate about her work on it!
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