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Updates behind the scenes...

Announcements from the Well of Fears staff.

Updates behind the scenes...

Postby marr0w » Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:51 pm

There's been a lot of changes being made silently in the background, and I feel like I should be sharing some of them. First of all the wiki now has images on most of the character pages, navigation boxes on the character and host pages, and images illustrating a few of the games. These are all things I honestly thought I'd see added within the first week of opening the wiki in place of our old static website. Please feel free to use these as an example and update some more of the pages! No one has restricted anyone on image uploading - just make it look good, folks.

We've also had to do some work regarding the Captcha service we had running. Anyone who ran into the bug where it asked for a code but didn't see it can now rejoice and log in once again. Sorry about that. We didn't realize it was an issue. Currently new members will have to be approved by staff. I say this to anyone new because if you don't get approved right away just send me an email and I'll make sure you get in. My email is all over the place, but if you still can't find it:

Happy New Year everyone!
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