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Atmosfear tape upload in GREEK

Discuss your love/hate for the original game series as well as any new updates. Anything prior to the DVD games would go here, this includes the Third Dimension and the Card Games.

Atmosfear tape upload in GREEK

Postby BonsaiTreehouse » Tue Jan 03, 2023 4:46 pm

Made a Reddit post about the YouTube upload here (happy new year btw): ... _over_the/

The video is definitely legit as the "Turn the volume up and the lights down" and "roll the die to receive a listed reward or punishment" intertitle cards are written in Greek in the proper font and colour style (the effort in faking something as obscure as this would NOT be worth the effort if all it gets is a few hundred views with no monetisation), though it's not as elaborate as the other alternate language versions out there with different actors and different "interruption" schedules; they just take the English tape with Wenanty Nosul, dub over it with a Greek actor and place the ambience behind it.

The other intertitle cards are all in English along with the credits, which indicates either a cut-off point in localisation budget, or that they didn't bother giving much attention to Greece given their attitudes towards some of the crucifix-shaped playing pieces. Given the Baron Samedi teaser still appears at the end of this tape, it makes me wonder if any of the other expansions like Witch, Vampire or even the Harbingers made their way over to Greece as well. However, it seems highly unlikely to me.

The Greek version of the Master Game Set (in my experience) is low in demand on bidding sites and there's only one rather tattered, seemingly unsold copy up for purchase on eBay, of which there was two last time I checked beforehand. Who knows, maybe the YouTube tape upload may just be from the tape sold by that same eBay page! So if the expansion sets were brought over there, they'd be very hard to find now (and again, likely wouldn't be worth the effort either...) :(
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