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Atmosfear 3 rules

Discuss your love/hate for the original game series as well as any new updates. Anything prior to the DVD games would go here, this includes the Third Dimension and the Card Games.

Atmosfear 3 rules

Postby Gothicpie » Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:10 pm

Hey guys

I'm in England, I own the complete set of Atmosfear games, (even got the card game and the jigsaws)

The only thing I'm missing is the rules sheet for Atmosfear 3,

If any one could post a txt version of the rules, or a scan, I would much appreciate it.
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Re: Atmosfear 3 rules

Postby MasterOfPuppets » Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:26 pm

Here you go!

You will need a MASTER GAME SET to play WITCH as it is a Sequel to The Video Board Game NIGHTMARE.

The rules of NIGHTMARE remain the same; simply replace the TIME and FATE cards with the two new sets provided and you are ready to PLAY Anne de Chantraine -- WITCH NIGHTMARE III.

You will be using the same set of CHANCE cards, the same colored keys, coin, playing pieces, discs, and the graveyard game board.

The Witch is played with 2 dice and you must roll both dice, unless instructed otherwise, until you have collected all six keys, then you are free to use either on or both dice.

The only exception to this rule is if you draw number 1 from the bag. You are allowed to use one dice but ONLY when Anne demands you roll your number for a key, or to play again.
Anne also introduces some brand new elements into NIGHTMARE. If you can collect two parts of a spell for FATE you can really work some magic. You can also exchange FATE cards with other players if you have a WITCH'S TRADE -- but beware of the WITCH'S LIE. Read all your cards carefully, and always listen carefully to what Anne says.

Once again, while Anne is speaking, you are not permitted to move around the board and if you are banished to the BLACK HOLE you cannot play the game unless The Witch specifically calls fo you by name or number.

Anne de Chantraine was 17 years-old when convicted of witchcraft and burnt alive at the stake. She was, naturally, innocent, hence the player's response of "Mea Culpa Anne". Latin for "I am culpable".

We recommend you to have played NIGHTMARE before attempting The Witch as it is a faster and more difficult game.

If you have a HI-FI VCR or stereo system linked to your set, use it to enhance the overall atmosfear. Play it LOUD and th lights LOW.
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