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Nightmare I-IV Card Scans

Discuss your love/hate for the original game series as well as any new updates. Anything prior to the DVD games would go here, this includes the Third Dimension and the Card Games.

Nightmare I-IV Card Scans

Postby Khufu the Mummy » Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:04 pm

I am offering the following scans, as backups obviously (and please only ask for them if you own the games themselves):
Nightmare I- TIME, FATE, CHANCE, and GREATEST FEAR cards
Nighmare II- TIME and FATE cards
Nightmare III- TIME and FATE cards
Nightmare IV- TIME, FATE, and BLACK ROSE cards
Rules are included, files come as .zip with .jpegs of the scans.
For these beautiful backups, fire me am email at and I'd be happy to share those with you! Backuups only, please! Only ask me for the hard you have! Respect copyright!
Khufu the Mummy
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