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Atmosfear Soundtrack Rip MEGA Link

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Atmosfear Soundtrack Rip MEGA Link

Postby BonsaiTreehouse » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:34 am

Here in this post you will see a YouTube playlist and download links to all soundtracks across Atmosfear history from the VHS tapes, through the DVD games, all the way to the App release! They're all pretty rough in their own ways, but they nonetheless provide the best possible impression of the music behind each release this side of getting it directly from the source!

*sigh* maybe one day...

(UPDATE: The mp3 collection is now complete, and just in time for Halloween!)

Full Playlist: ... zoVEZ-KF_y


Gatekeeper: ... i5D1a?dl=0
Zombie: ... iIsja?dl=0
Witch: ... f7cda?dl=0 (WARNING: Rough)
Vampire: ... xiTUa?dl=0
Mummy: ... S1dta?dl=0 (WARNING: Very Rough!)
DVD (Werewolf?): ... PFBEa?dl=0
App (Poltergeist?): ... kAY9a?dl=0
Harbingers (Gorgon?): ... peCRa?dl=0
Soul Ranger: ... vpxQa?dl=0
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