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Other VHS Games in Tabletop Simulator

Talk about anything not Nightmare/Atmosfear related here.

Other VHS Games in Tabletop Simulator

Postby amars464 » Mon Mar 21, 2022 2:15 pm

Having done as much as I could possibly think of to do with my TTS version of Atmosfear, I've decided to set my sights on another classic VHS Board Game. I'm making a version of Star Trek The Next Generation - A Klingon Challenge! It's going to feature a fully 3D Starship Bridge environment (totally not made by me, I found it in the workshop) as well as an engineering-style table to play on, and multiple video screens so you can keep an eye on the video no matter where you are sitting (Those ARE made by me). I'm hopefully going to be able to make the little Tricorders that you slot the chips into. Anyways, images are linked below. Experience BIJ!

I made a ton of updates to this today. I finished making the Tricorders function properly. They are item containers that only accept isolinear chips that have the same color. When you place one inside of the Tricorder it shows up slotted into the side of it like the real life counterpart. I also made some custom decks for some of the cards. TTS doesn't support cards that have a custom shape, so I basically made the decks from scratch and scripted them to work like a deck of cards. Here's some updated screenshots and some videos of the Tricorders and a custom deck.

**UPDATE 2**
I updated the screenshots again. I'd say it's just about finished!

Screenshots -
Tricorder -
Custom Bij Deck -

**UPDATE 3**
I'm kind of on a roll with these, so I went ahead and also made Star Wars: The Interactive Video Board Game! I noticed it wasn't on the Workshop at all, so I figured I should rectify that.

I'm also building up a collection in the Workshop of Video Board Games so that you can find them all in one place:

Next up for me is going to be one of three things depending on asset availability:
- VCR Clue (I've already started this, and is what I'm doing until I can see if I can get assets for the others)
- Atmosfear DVD (I'll need either scans or transcripts of all of the cards for this)
- Atmosfear Khufu DVD (Same deal as the other one, though I asked Nons on Steam if he still had his old save floating around, which would speed things up a bunch)

**UPDATE 4**
I finished VCR Clue! It has two versions, the first version uses flashing lights to simulate lightning and a flickering fire, but if anyone is sensitive to flashing lights I also have a version that disables them. Both versions come with a 3D environment, fully interactive Detective Note Sheets, and the little red plastic thing that you use to reveal the mystery solutions in the Case Book! As always, here's some pics:
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