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Name/Alter Ego Hugo Crosley
Notable Aliases Accel
Species Metahuman
Age 20
Affiliation LFG
Powers/Abilities VECTOR CONTROL


Hugh Crosley, born to a lower middle class family in Gotham, was always considered the runt of the litter. The youngest out of his family, he was often picked on by his older brothers. He did not often have time to spend with his father, who was too busy working to make sure everyone had food in their bellies and a roof over their head. His mother, inversely, was too busy spending their money and occasionally robbing them of the food in their belly. However, life was not completely bad for the young man. However, things were tough, and Hugo was never one to be bogged down with the little things. From an early age he learned the power of money, and he wanted to grow up to be without strings to anyone.

In school he was often a problem student. He had decent grades, and his math teachers thought he was some genius, but when it came down to it...he lacked the drive. School didn't matter much to him, not as much as hanging with his crew. He got into fights at a early age, not getting along with people, or simply trying to prove that despite being the smallest, he was tougher and better than they were. He didn't go too far, he didn't break anything horribly, but he wouldn't take crap from anyone.


Hugo eventually got mixed in with gangs. He felt the only way to get respected was to run with the right crew, bust a few heads, make some money. He was right to a point, the only other people that messed with them were gangs about their size...or when they bit the heels of a bigger dog. Here Hugo learned many lessons about when to get into a scrum, and when to back the hell off. While he managed to geta way with his life, more than one occasion he had to check into the local hospital for a stab wound.

His grades were slipping, as he spent more time getting into trouble, and less time worrying about school. However, his folks were often too busy to deal with him properly, and really only his father cared. However, things would eventually come to a head when his gang decided they were going to mess with a local drug lord that was moving in on their turf.

Hugo decided he would deal with this on his own, moving to find the guy by himself, ambush him, rough him up and go home. However, the guy was more than prepared for him. He had some hired help beat him nearly into a pulp, and drag him to his knees infront of the drug dealer. The man pointed the gun at him and without much of anything pulled the trigger. After that moment...


Hugo saw everything falsh before his eyes. Battered and barely concious, he saw the bullet seemingly flying at him. He focused...and for a brief moment in his delusional state...imagined that it...just simply reversed directions. When it did...Hugo thought that at first he WAS dead....and that this must be heaven...this was until he hit the pavement when the guys realized that their boss was now lying on his back dead. However, the gunshot attracted the cops, and the hired muscle beat it. Leaving Hugo staring dazzed at someone he just killed.

The cops send him to the hospital, and of course asked relentlessly about what happened. Hugo played his cards close to his chest...he just happened to cross the guy, he had his boys beat him up real good...he was going to get shot...and then the gun backfired or something. While the gun showed no signs of actually backfiring...the evidence showed that Hugo didn't touch the gun, and the only one who did was the dealer.

Eventually freed, and recuperated...Hugo cut his ties to the gang world for a time. Killing someone changed Hugo forever...doing so casually was what changed everything. More then that...he realized that he was different. The experienced left him...with a power he couldn't explain. Looking at objects, he could change their speed..mass...direction..changing the nature of the energy in them. It was amazing...and frightening.

For a time, Hugo tried to leave a normal life. Eschewing the old life and focused on his school. Passing with decent marks, and a scholorship due to his amazing scores in mathamatics, he got into university. However, with student debt piling up...

Hugo realized that there was money to be made with his powers...IF he could control them, and also use them to destroy the crime gnawing at the city. The police wasn't about to pay him for it, but...


Hugo, going by Accel, opened up buisness in Gotham, helping gangs, often rivals, by taking good amounts of money to take down key members of the other. However, often he would avoid murder, and simply leave the poor smuck messed up and either near the police station, if there was also a sizable reward for them or infront of his rival's house for safe keeping. After all, if HE didn't kill them...then it's not his problem. Sometimes, he got paid twice, which was always good in Hugo's book.

Between this, and his school, he is setting up to have a decent life for himself...maybe


Accel is a young man made by both his family and the streets. From an early age he learned very valuable lessons about how the world works. It is not always who works harder, but who works SMARTER. His mother was a lazy housewife, who took advatnage of his father repeatedly...but his father kept on working as hard as he could to provide for his family. He never got much direction from him, and only ever saw a sucker. His father was a spineless coward, who would rather work long backbreaking hours in the factory, then deal with seperating himself from his wife. Rather this is true or is how Hugo saw it. His mother, on the other hand, used the family's money for her own desires...and occasionally on things that they needed. She never worked a day in her life, and often was more focused on how she appeared to others. Accel quickly learned that many people are shallow and superficial, they lead distracted lives to fill the holes in their hearts with things...sometimes people...often things.

Hugo, often was the subject of abuse by his older siblings as well. He was smaller and more vulnerable. It wasn't anything serious, but they often took his things, bullied him around, typical out of control brother stuff. Hugo took from this that to be respected, you had to be stronger. Without strength, nobody listened to you...this eventually grew stronger.

On the streets, came the more important lessons that he holds with him today. Friends are hard to come by...but when you DO find them, you treat them right. Hugo learned this through the few gangs he ran with. You don't betray friends, but you don't let every sucker off the street be your friend either. That's askin' to be taken advantage of. His views on strength also solidified here...but also slightly changed. Brute strength wasn't had to temper strength with intelligence. Think smarter, not work harder. So the bigger dogs have bigger guns? Ambush them individually. Take advantage of their weaknesses...but don't give too much of yourself away either.

All of this left a greedy streak in the young man. He wants money and power, he wants to live life without any attachments to anything, to be his own boss and to do things without needing to answer to anyone. What Accel truely wants is absolute freedom from both the law and from society. It is not so much to do horrible monsterous things with, but rather so that he can focus on what he wants, when he wants, and not have to worry about people bothering him. Ordering him to do things, wanting him to do things.

What Accel truly wants, more than to become a force of nature. Something so unstoppable...that nothing will ever want to challenge him.

However, beneath this desire too are grains of morality. Why he says his reasons for not killing flippantly is the simple case of 'not wanting to take the easy way out', he can not stomach removing the motion out of something that can make it's own way. He assumes that on every level people want what he some degree or another. Removing that from them...somehow just feels wrong. Wronger than stopping them, or overcoming them. Setbacks can be recovered from...death doesn't get recovered from very easily. For a freedom seeking man, death is the ultimate trap.