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This is a game, but it is a game with rules. The number one rule is to be respectful to your staff and to your fellow players. As a general rule, DCAM will run on a three strike system. A strike will be assigned for any notable infraction outlined on this page, or persistent and disruptive behavior of any sort. In minor instances, staff retains the right to issue a warning instead. A warning will be elevated to a strike if there is any other incident within 90 days.

All players and staffers will be equally held to the following policies.



We understand that a great deal of information on Feature Characters is present on the internet. Use your own words, please. Do not copy and paste from other sources, including but not limited to Wikipedia and other wikis, a previous player's application, or another player's application from another game. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


Do not enter a private room if it is owned by a specific person, unless they have given you permission. This does not include public places of business.

Do not create spying objects to monitor public or private locations. If staff finds that any player has broken this rule they will be sitebanned immediately. Legitimate coded security requests can go through staff for consideration.

Do not reveal private information given to you by other players, unless they have given you permission. This includes real life information, e-mail addresses, alts, et cetera.


Always treat other players with respect and courtesy.

In the OOC room and on public channels, please keep explicit discussion and obscenity to a minimum. We are not concerned about profanity, so long as it is not being used in an OOCly abusive manner. Such pejorative language, be it based on race, sexuality, gender or other elements of a person's identity, is expressly prohibited.

Do not attack another player for their religious or political beliefs. By the same token, try not to proselytize to other players without prompting.

Violations of personal space in OOC poses are not okay. Please ask before you lapcurl or snug or whatever someone. Please page or go somewhere private if you feel the need to extensively express affection.

If another player's behavior upsets you, please ask them politely to alter the behavior. All players are expected to respect these differences, and behave maturely. Failure to do so will result in a strike, and extreme examples may be deemed harassment, opening the possibility of immediate siteban.

Thank you for your understanding, and be excellent to one another.


Do not pretend to be another character when you are IC or OOC, unless you have permission (such as to finish a scene after another player must leave early). If someone wishes you to play their character for an extended period in their absence, they must @mail this permission explicitly to *STAFF.


If someone asks you to leave him or her alone, do so. Do not page them, speak to them, or send them @mails. Extreme cases of harassment will bypass the strike system altogether and lead to immediate siteban. This is particularly true of sexual advances. Do not be that guy.

If you are being harassed by someone, file a complaint with staff via +request. We will require some sort of evidence, such as dated logs, to avoid a he-said-she-said scenario. Do not make such accusations lightly; false complaints may result in action being taken against the complainant.

By the same token, as a consent game and an environment where the community dictates the story and quality of the experience, we do not want frivolous refusals to interact. Staff will do their best to mediate all disputes, and come to compromises and peaceful solutions, but perpetual drama is not what any of us are here for. Petty bickering can and will lead to strikes, sometimes for both or all parties involved.


TS is going to happen, we accept that. Just keep it private, and keep it consensual. All our players should be over eighteen, but make sure you're certain that your partner is telling the truth about his or her age. If a minor -is- on game, and sexual activity is brought to light, we'll have little choice but to ban all parties involved to protect the game. All TS and details are considered non-canon, and logs should NEVER be posted to the wiki; sex happens in comic books, but the details are off-panel.

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