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Bulletin Boards (bboards) are set up for various reasons, including a board for each approved team on the game. These are used to share information without having to use the @mail system. However, there are some rules in regards to these boards.

Boards with an inactivity of 30 days or more will be given a removal notice. The team leader may then @mail *STAFF to have the board re-instated, provided that this is only the first time the board has been removed. After the first offense, any subsequent removal of the boards is permanent and the teams must resort to the @malias provided them.

Board cleaning will be done once per month, usually on the second week of the month. Any posts with the previous month's date will be removed, with leniency given to staff announcements. Team leaders are responsible for either @mailing *STAFF to request something not be removed or logging any and all important bbposts that they need to remain on their boards, prior to when it is cleaned by staff. We do not log them so retrieving copies after the fact is impossible.

Private boards are maintained by team leaders. Their locks are tied into the team rosters. If a leader wishes to add someone to their board, it needs to be connected with the character being approved and with IC reason for that character to be connected to that board.

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