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DCAMU* is a consent-based game.

This basically means that we do not have a game system, like HERO or Mutants & Masterminds or FATE. Roleplay is conducted based on agreements between the players involved. Essentially, no one can do anything to your character without your consent, or vice-versa. Generally this refers to combat and other violent RP, but it can also refer to other sorts of RP, including anything of a psychological or sexual nature.


  • While you must consent in order to be struck in combat, please do not dodge your opponent's attack every turn. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated. Every character takes blows now and then, even the Flash.
  • In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences (ICA = ICC). This means that if you get the Spectre mad at you, expect that bad things will happen. Do not assume that the consent rule will get you out of trouble your character has caused by his own actions; Plot Staff is not necessarily bound to the rules of consent in all things.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the way a scene is going to play out, you may request to Fade To Black (FTB). This means that the players all agree on what transpired, but do not actively RP it out. If someone attempts to force you into RP that makes you uncomfortable, and refuses to FTB, please contact staff.
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