Liberty Belle

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Liberty Belle II
Name/Alter Ego Jesse Chambers
Notable Aliases Belle
Species Metahuman
Age 23
Affiliation JSA
Quote "I like to make sure things are done right."
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Non-friction aura


  • Jesse Belle Chambers is born to Elizabeth "Libby" Lawrence Chambers (the original superheroine Liberty Belle) and Johnny Chambers (superhero Johnny Quicke) in Queens, NYC.
  • Johnny Chambers starts teaching Jesse about life as a superhero as a young child.
  • Libby and Johnny divorce a few years later after an argument about life as adventurers and superheroes.
  • Jesse remains with her father post-divorce.
  • Johnny trained Jesse on the use of the spoken formula X2(9YZ)4A to gain the power of super-speed and flight.
  • Jesse eventually graduates from the local high school, and goes on to Gotham University at the age of 18.
  • Majors in Meta-Human knowledge with a minors in business.
  • Graduates from Gotham University at the age of 21.
  • Starts working at Quick Start Enterprises with her Father after graduation.
  • Takes on her first costumed identity as Jesse Quick.
  • Goes into graduate school for business.
  • Joins the Justice Society.
  • Retires identity of Jesse Quick, adopts her mother's old Persona as the new Liberty Belle. Doing so grants her the power of super strength as well as super speed and flight.
  • Opts to join the Justice League as a reservist in case of problems.
  • Continues working with the JSA and Quick Start Enterprises, working as the CEO/general go-to when Johnny is busy with other work, using it as a study for her graduate work.


If there was a dictionary nearby and someone looked at it, one would see Jesse Chambers face under quite a few headings, the three biggest ones being 'workaholic', 'perfectionist', and 'knowledge of the past, current, and thoughts about the future'... not that the last one is in a dictionary anyways.

Jesse is a workaholic and a perfectionist, and while she's not entirely proud of it, when push comes to shove, she works hard for everything she does and everything she works for, and when she gets asked to do something, she puts her all into it - because if she's doing it, then it deserves to get done right. This often leads to a frequent lack of something called 'free time', which is... admirable, in its' own way.

Jesse is something like a present living in the past - she grew up the daughter of two notable superheroes, and many people, other superheroes, always came by the Chambers household to visit, and even after the divorce, she often was able to see or discuss views of the world - after all, these people lived through it all, she can learn from them. It's good, in its own way - the past shapes the present shapes the future, after all.

Jesse, even if she is a bit of a perfectionist, she is actually rather practical. While she does have some impulses, typically, she's the one in the back going 'guys? Guys. Think about this.' It helps in a group of impulsive speedsters, because once they get going, it's very hard to stop(ha, ha, ha.)

Jesse's a compassionate, solid person to have around. While she sometimes does things that may not make sense, to her, it's all about doing small things to fix the overall, larger problems - after all, quick fixes are nothing more than bandages on a spreading wound; she likes getting into the middle of things and making sure things are fixed right.

She's sweet, responsible, and kind - what more can one ask for in this world, aside from some general stability?