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Name/Alter Ego Ted Grant
Notable Aliases Wildcat
Species Human
Age In his 50s.
Affiliation JSA, JL
Quote "Personally, I think it's more of a job for ... Wildcat!"
  • Nine Lives
  • Exceptional prizefighter

Wildcat is a veteran vigilante based in Bludhaven, member of the JSA and the Justice League.


  • Ted Grant grew up the son of father Henry Grant, an only child to a single father, his mother having died during childbirth. Not wanting his son to grow up timid and fragile, Henry encouraged Ted to participate in any sports he could well into college.
  • While in college, Ted's father died, leaving him bereft of any financial support. Unfortunately for Ted, his athletic ability was not capable of sustaining him through scholarships, and his academic aspirations were not his strong suit, so left college soon finding himself penniless and hungry on the streets.
  • One night, Ted came to the rescue of heavywight champion "Socker" Smith who took him in to be his sparring partner. Smith's manager Skinner trained Ted, and this is when Ted found that he took to boxing like a fish to water. It was his time training with Skinner and Smith that Ted found his first love of boxing.
  • Unfortunately for Ted Grant, Skinner owed some big debts and decided to pay them off by rigging the fight between Ted and his mentor, Smith. The match went wrong and Smith died; with all evidence pointing towards Ted Grant, he became a fugitive from the law. Thus, Wildcat was born.
  • While clearing his name, Ted Grant found a taste for being Wildcat. While he returned to the boxing ring as the heavyweight champion, he continued to moonlight as Wildcat, both in the fighting circuit and as a hero.
  • Eventually, Ted Grant met up with one of his childhood heroes, Alan Scott, and became part of the Justice Society. Here he developed many of the friendships and relationships that still survive to this day.
  • As Ted Grant found himself getting older, he found himself mentoring some of the up and coming heroes in the Justice Society and Justice League, as well as those who sought him out for his skill. However, his star pupil was Dinah Lance; even though she had trained with many others, Wildcat was able to find a fighting style that worked for the young woman, which became the core of her training.
  • Following the Thanagarian invasion, Wildcat found himself as part of the Justice League as both the Justice League and the Justice Society merged. While he was on the semi-active roster of heroes, he found his presence on any missions less and less. This type of idle time grated on Wildcat and he craved more action, and so got himself involved in an underground Metabrawl, run by Roulette. he became so mired into the fighting circuit that it took Black Canary and the Green Arrow to break him of his psychosis.
  • Still wishing to play a part in training the new heroes, Ted has stayed a member of the Justice League to train any that wish to learn from him. Of course, he still participates with his old teammates from the Justice Society as they need him, always willing to lend a hand.


First and foremost, Wildcat is a fighter. It is what he was encouraged to be from a young age, and his mentor was the heavyweight champion, so the lifestyle of a fighter has been ingrained into Wildcat's being for better or for worse. It's his belief that the best way to determine someone's character is by fighting them. To him, fighting is honest and straightforward.. the way a person holds themselves in combat can tell him a lot about them. The best way for him to understand the people he fights with and fights against is to study them by putting them into a position of combat, whether it's under the guise of training, or if it's for a worthy cause. (Like saving the world.)

At the same time, his exposure to the world of professional boxing has skewed his view of the world, and he often comes across as a male chauvanist. It's not that he doesn't appreciate women, but he has an old school view of how men and women should act, and what behavior dominates either sex. Because of this perception, he often speaks plainly and honestly, and will often earn him rebuke from those who find his viewpoints offensive and outdated. Even so, Wildcat's not one to let something like that perturb him.. or even change his ways. He is who he is.. and if you don't like it, then that's your problem.

One of the biggest sources of his pride comes from being a mentor to those who wish to learn how to fight properly; learning the sweet science from him. He has found value in teaching other what he was taught back when he was a teenager on the streets, homeless and hungry. He feels that by giving back in such a manner, he is teaching these youngsters valuable lessons that they can use for the rest of their life.

Also, to be sure, Ted Grant is a hero. He has clear ideas of what's right and what's wrong.. but at the same time, he has a full appreciation for all the shades of gray people come in. He's not interested in classifying people as heroes and villains, as not everything in life is quite that clear-cut. He understands different motivations drive different people, and is more likely to be more forgiving than other do-gooders, and at times may even seem like he would be inclined to participate in some less-than-savory side activites.

To his enemies, he is tough, stubborn and can be quite a pain in the ass who won't give up until he's forced to. To his friends, Wildcat is someone who has your back no matter the circumstances. He'll be there to bail you out of whatever mess you've gotten yourself into, even if it's to his detriment. He's someone to count on when the chips are down, and while people may have issues with his personality, he often checks any personal difference he has with others at the door in order to serve the greater good, or to simply kick some ass.