Witching Hour Lurker

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Witching Hour Lurker
Name/Alter Ego Abel Thatcher
Notable Aliases WHL
Species Vampire
Age Who knows?
Affiliation Unknown
Quote "Tasty."
  • Dark Regeneration
  • Hunter's vision
  • Vampface
  • Vampiric Might
  • Hunter's Senses
  • Undead
  • Vampiric Hypnotism
  • Vampiric Speed

The Witching Hour Lurker, also known as Abel Thatcher, is a very old and very unusual detective.


There was a time, in which all a young boy wanted to do was to get a good education at a prestigious university, and then become a poet. And oh, he was smart enough. Made it into the University of London purely on his academic performance and various odd jobs he'd worked throughout the UK, the boy had become a self made man, and his out of work butcher father couldn't have been prouder!

And then? The boy disappeared. Nobody knew what happened, save the long plotting, soon to be King of the Dark, Usurper of the Count, Lord of all Undeath...

And a million other ambitions that never really came to light, as his own vampiric sidekick he'd made, ended up staking him through the heart, and quickly taking his leave. These were hard days for the young man who was learning what being a monster was. Figuring out he was a vampire after he drained the first 12 rats dead, he stopped to think a moment, after satisfying his unholy thirst and actually being -able- to think, that there had to be a better way! He'd always been called clever, yes? And surely, this problem was no different than anything else, with a solution just there, waiting to be discovered! And so, to the library he went every night, retreating to the sewers before daybreak, and stealing clothing to at least -look- presentable.

After unofficially continuing his education for a number of years, he felt confident, able to take on this challenge, and became 'Dr. Johann Faust'. A bit obvious for a name, but it served his purposes as a purported man of science and medicine. He was able to survive off blood samples he took whilst making genuine medical advances, and generally saving lives when he could. It was a good life for the Undead, but of course, all good things must come to an end, mustn't they?

In his instance, he realized he needed to do something after his lack of aging started making him suspicious in the eyes of others. And so, deciding it was time for a change of scenery, he fled to Ireland, continuing his act with a different name. He in fact made his way through most of Europe like that, halfway through Russia by the time news of some truly grim and ghastly occurances reached him...

Apparently, somebody was stalking the streets of Whitechapel at night, brutally slaying prostitutes, and in general, terrorizing fair London. Not trusting police to handle something as alien to them as this, and figuring enough time had passed that he would be unrecognized in his home country, he made his way back home, donning a black costume, complete with cloak and tophat, and became...The Black Peeper! Of course, the name carried different connotations back then, and the name brings a chuckle to him if mentioned today. Still, despite the silly name, he managed to do some good, breaking up some ruffian gang violence, as well as stopping some highly dangerous cult slayings from ever occuring. Still, the infamous Jack the Ripper eluded him, and would become something of an obsession for the young Vampire even to this day.

The turn of the century brought a name change from him, going from The Black Peeper, to the Witching Hour Lurker. Streamlining his costume, and now carrying a few musket pistols, he continued his work as an 'off the books' detective, finding this to be something he could truly help with, something that just felt right to him. And of course, when World War Two came around, he discovered that he was not alone: There were others who dressed in costumes, and did their parts to keep order in this world! He found it fascinating, and while he never went overseas to battle the Nazi forces in Germany, it was only because he was quite busy protecting his home turf from all sorts of trouble. Hitler's interest in the occult meant lots of his devoted followers trying to awaken horrible creatures with names that cannot be spoken, right there in London. Of course, The Witching Hour Lurker stopped them...sometimes, at all costs.

Fast forward to present day, and the Witching Hour Lurker must again flee from his homeland, but now treating this as a learning experience, the vampire has taken on the identity of 'Abel Thatcher', a young food critic who does most of his reviews online, and refuses to do any business until nightfall. While he does this, he also furthers his business as his detective alter ego, wanting to do good...and also wanting a chance to meet up with existing heroes, who have become something of a fascination for him, as of late.

I think that's good, don't you?


Abel has a rather positive attitude for being Undead. He might not be as smart as some of the more nonpowered characters in the DC Universe, but he is every bit the detective, which has only increased with time. He's the sort to not jump to conclusions, no matter how bad things look, and even if things have gotten miserable, he tries to see the silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, maybe not literally. Medical condition, nasty allergy, you understand.

In terms of morality, Abel is rather relaxed, not a murderer like the Wild Dogs or rare killing heroes out there, but he also doesn't regard every life as precious like Batman or other heroes. Living long enough to see many die has given him an almost spiritual view of death, regarding it as a natural process, nor does he try to impose morality on others. In short, he'd save Jason Todd from being killed, because both would be heroes at the time. But if the roles were reversed and Jason wanted to kill Joker, Abel is not his brother's keeper, and would not weep much for a murdering clown's death. Alternatively, although he would be slightly saddened if Joker instead killed Jason, he wouldn't feel much more sadness than that. A life has ended, as will lives always end. His role is not to save the world, but rather to police it, and neutralize those mentally ill and unsound individuals who would do their fellow man wrong.

He has many more personality quirks, but as these are due to his Vampirism, they will be found under Weaknesses.