Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman
Name/Alter Ego Diana of Themyscira
Notable Aliases WW
Species Metahuman
Age Appears to be 22
Affiliation Justice League
Quote "Peace is a virtue. A state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice. It is not simply the absence of war."
  • Flight
  • Blessed By The Gods

Princess Diana of Themyscira, known to Man's World as Wonder Woman, is one of the world's foremost heroes and a founder of the Justice League


  • The isle of Themyscira; the gift to the Amazon people, faithful to the Greek pantheon. The gift had come after a bloody rebellion after long period of being enslaved, of their men killed, leaving but the women behind on the island. The Greek gods gifted their devotion with the island sanctuary, and leading those people was Queen Hippolyta.
  • Part of the gift the gods had granted the women of the isle was immortality - they needed no men to replenish their numbers, and the gods likewise hid Thymyscira from the world, so that the women could live in peace.
  • But Hippolyta was lonely. She sought a daughter, a family - someone to raise - and the gods, specifically, Hades granted her wish, as well.
  • She sculpted a clay infant from the earth, and the god of the underworld breathed life into it. The being that was formed would be named Diana, the new Princess of Thymyscira.
  • Diana grew like a normal person would, but it became clear rather quickly that she was stronger than most her sisters; faster, quicker-witted, and more dextrous.
  • As a child, she was raised in the Amazon tradition, learning the weapons of the Amazon, and other skills - horseback riding, hunting, and learning of the gods themselves.
  • Diana was most fond of the goddess Athena, like a great many Amazons, and often tended to her shrine.
  • Diana was restless; the gods had helped create her for greater things than the idyllic Thymyscira could offer. Diana yearned to see the world outside, something Hippolyta felt that she could never allow.
  • And so Hippolyta attempted to keep control of the restless Diana by imposing all sorts of rules upon her. And for a time, it did work. But once Diana reached her teenage years...
  • She became known as a bit of a troublemaker around the island. Often sticking her nose into things she really should not have, and /especially/ doing things her mother disliked. There was an issue with some horrible creature that had made its way into a cave on the other end of the island? Diana often accompanied the Amazons that went to take care of it.
  • Hippolyta did not have malice in mind, but what drove her to be so controlling was fear of losing her daughter.
  • So when they had heard of Man's World coming under attack by some strange otherworldly force, Diana saw her chance - this was as good an excuse as any to go to Man's World - they had to help them fight off this invasion, or risk becoming isolated when the aliens won!
  • Hippolyta would have none of that, however. She bore great bitterness against the world of Men, for starters, and doubly did not wish to see her daughter die attempting to fend off some alien invasion. She forbid Diana to go.
  • So Diana waited until the dead of night, and snuck into the temple of the goddess that she so admired, Athena. Stealing the magic armor of the goddess, she flew to answer the call that the rest of the Amazons had ignored, joining the fight against the alien Imperium.
  • Come to find out, that distress call that had alerted them to the alien invasion in the first place had originated from the Martian, J'onn J'onzz. His summons had gathered a collection of heroes to form a resistance against the alien invaders.
  • When the threat had passed, those heroes who had originally answered the call would help form a League of heroes, and would come to be known as the founders of the Justice League, Diana counted amongst them.
  • Taking the name Wonder Woman, she served with the League for a while, righting wrongs, even as she learned about Man's World.
  • But soon enough, Diana began to feel guilty for what she did. Returning to Themyscira, she found everyone had turned to stone, at the hands of a man, Felix Faust, who sought to release Hades from his prison unto the world proper.
  • Reluctantly, she accepted for the help of the League in defeating Faust and Hades both, but upon restoring her sisters, she found herself exiled: she had brought men to the island, and broken the sacred laws of Themyscira.

Now exiled, Diana returned to the one home she had left, the Justice League...


At this point, the public knows very little about just who Wonder Woman is. Some might see her as a paragon of justice, much along the lines of Superman, some might see her as a role model, and some may even see her as vaguely threatening, and a foreigner.

But just who is the woman behind the pretty smile, and red white and blue getup?

First and foremost, Diana is the daughter of the Themysciran isles, and a proud Amazon. The stereotype of the average Amazon is a martial sort of woman who is confident, kind, and courageous almost to a fault, and Diana fits that stereotype rather nicely.

Diana is confident in herself and her abilities, and usually has an honest, open sort of manner; a trait that may seem brusque at times. Diana also tends to trust her friends rather than mistrust them, preferring to see the good in people than the bad.

Diana seeks solutions that uplift herself and those around her, although she has very little patience for many types of villains: those that seek to destroy the world and the people of Earth will be resisted utterly, although your average pursejacker might get away with little more than a collection of bruises, and being left in a dumpster for the police to find.

Diana tends to be naive in the ways of Man's World still, but in spite of what her slightly xenophobic sisters back in Themyscira widely believe, she has hope for the other inhabitants of those they share the Earth with. Their ways are different and alien to a fault, but it is together that they will find a way to a better tomorrow, and she can see those in Man's World take steps towards that tomorrow.

With a little bit of help from herself and the Amazons, they just might make it, too.