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Are all the Harbingers based on real people/myths?

Yes. All the Harbingers are based on real people/myths except for Hellin.

Can I take images from any of the Nightmare/Atmosfear websites and use them on my own?

Yes, as long as you do not make a profit from the use of the images.

Can you see me right now?

Yes I can. I am always watching. By the way, you need to do something about that rash... it worries me...

How can I contact the creators of the nightmare/Atmosfear series?

Philip Tanner and Brett Clements do not wish to have their email address made available. If you'd like to have a message sent to them, contact the NightmareList.

How can I prevent the Gatekeeper from insulting me?

Don't play the game...

How can I purchase copies of Nightmare/Atmosfear?

The best place to look is on Ebay. Copies of the series are always available for auction.

The Gatekeeper tried to kill me last night...

Congradulations! Consider it an honor that he spent his valuable time visitng you...

What happened to A Couple O' Cowboys?

The group disbanded after creative diffrences. It's members are still on good terms though...

What happened to Gatekeeper Fantasies, the Official Website for the PC game, Atmosfear: The Third Dimention?

The person in charge of creating, updating, and maintaining the site was sent an email from a fan suggesting that the site should include meta-tags so that it could be found on search engines. The person in question replied (quite rudely) that the person sending him email had no buisness telling him what to do seeing as how he was paid to do sites like these and the letter writer was an immature person who knew nothing at all about web design. Unfortunitly, the original email was not sent from the fan's email account, but in fact from the account of a known computer tech profesional who took great resentment from the replied email and made it his life's mission to destroy the site. After 3 failed attempts at re-posting the site, the rude man gave up and the site was lost forever. Portions of the site in question can be found in text on some websites and a few of the surviving images have recently resurfaced on some of the Nightmare/Atmosfear fansites...

What happened to Nightmare V?

Officialy, Nightmare V: The Mummy was never released. A few have rumored to have seen copies in stores, but no one has ever reported owning one...

What is Atmosfear?

The sequal to the game Nightmare. Now instead of being limited to playing in a cemetary, the game has been expanded to include 6 provinces representing each Harbinger's territory. The province boards could each be reversed to reveal 6 sewer boards.

What is Nightmare?

Nightmare is a board game released in the 90's that included a video-tape containing the chracter of the Gatekeeper. The game was played by trying to collect 6 keys and making it to the center of the board within the time limit. The game spawned 5 add-on tapes, a sequal with 2 add-on tapes, and a card game.

What is a Harbinger?

A harbinger is someone who is going to bring about change. In Atmosfear, the Harbingers are the six playable characters from the original Nightmare game.

What is the Atmosfear Sourcebook?

The Sourcebook was advertised in some copies of Atmosfear as being a guide book for the game with expanded rules, complete comic-style background stories for each of the Harbingers, and other bits of information to expand the debth of the game. Unfortunitly this book was never completed, and thus, it missed it's deadline and is not avalible for purchase in whole or in part from Prima Publishing.

What is the meaning of life?


What is the story behind the Nightmare DVDs?

Philip Tanner, the co-creator of the series, is currently involved in a project to release a special version of the series on an interactive DVD. The idea behind it is that you can use the remote to respond to the host, adding to the realism of the game. The release date is set for 2004.

What's your worst Nightmare...?

...You scum sucking maggot!

When was the last time you had a steaming bowl of Darkwolff brand chili?

Well sir, that's too long...

Who is Dr Mastiff?

He is the Gatekeeper to his Special Soul Rangers who live in the sewers beneath the Harbingers' Provinces. He takes control of the game briefly during the second add-on for Atmosfear, called Atmosfear: The Soul Rangers.

Who is the Gatekeeper?

The Gatekeeper is the only source of order in the chaotic realm of the Other Side. He has the power to banish anyone to the black holes. Every harvest moon, he gathers the Harbinger's to play a game of their own choosing with the prize being a one-way pass out of the Other Side.

Why do I keep getting email from the NightmareList?

Because the NightmareList is a mailing list. All posted emails are sent to all members of the group. Either that or someone doesn't like you and has been secretly forwording email to you...

Why do people keep laughing at me?

Because your ugly and people are rude...

Why does Darkwolff constantly claim Marr0w is being abducted by aliens?

Supposedly all the times that Marr0w has vanished from the web was the result of space aliens abducting him and performing weird experiments on him. This is totaly not true. However it has recently been revealed that the word "DarkWolff" is on the side of the alien ship that keeps abducting him. Marr0w believes Darlwolff is secretly in charge of them. What terrible plan do the aliens have involving Marr0w? Only time will tell...

Why is Nightmare called Atmosfear in some countries?

Thanks to restrictions, the name had to be changed in some countries. Since Nightmare was the game of Atmosfear, the change was obvious. Currently all recent additions have been titled Atmosfear.