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Soul Rangers

Sent to the Other Side to await the coming of Judgement Day, these brain dead numbskulls clad in Civil War attire are always battling each other on a day to day base trying to obtain power. Included amongst them are Dr. Mastiff and his six Special Rangers, who seek to overthrow the balance of Power in the Provinces of the Other Side.

Three Soul Rangers

The scourge of the Provinces. The simple-minded Numb Skulls called Soul Rangers.

Untrustworthy, underhanded, undesirables. Everybody starts Atmosfear as a Ranger in a sprint to 'become' Harbingers. Those that fail fall by the wayside, left behind to prowl the Sewers - The Dark Side of the Game Board.

It takes one to know one, and the Soul Rangers recognize their "own" by being able to withstand each other's putrid stench as they scavenge for waste in the black bilges that are the sewers ten hundred miles beneath The Other Side.

The Soul Rangers are the dregs of the "dead stock," exiled to these cess pits for all eternity for unspeakable crimes.

They say "you are what you eat" and these sewer rats are more foul than the foods they forage for.

Dumb-struck, they talk in some strange "morse" made by the incessant chattering of chipped and stained teeth that sprout from scum-ridden gums that miraculously still cling like fungi to their jawbones.

BUT Rangers pride themselves on their teeth, and will floss after every feed - using strands of their own hair, which is often as long as they are tall.

The average height of a Soul Ranger is 8' but some have been known to grow up to 12' despite the fact that they are all chain smokers and live on rubbish.

A Soul Ranger

All Rangers arrived on The Other Side stripped of everything except their bones. The first act of any Ranger on The Other Side was to steal a spirit -- somebody else's lost soul. Hence te reason they came to be known as 'Soul Rangers'. This was not a particularly hard task for any Ranger given their unspeakable criminal past. Soul food was easy pickings. Especially for the likes of Dr. Mastiff and the cartel of six special Rangers he's befriended.

Very little is known about the past lives of Mastiff and the Soul Rangers before they were commetted to limbo via papers --which never processed them to The Other Side -- sealed with 'NEVER EVER to be opened', for they told of things far more DISGUSTING then FEAR!