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The basis of this group is the search for the "True Religion." We believe that there once was a "true religion" but over time it has been so over exaggerated and exploited that it became the religions we have today. Only through study and mediation can our "true religion" be found.

Since everyone’s beliefs are different, we expect members to do their searching in private. You will not be questioned about your beliefs. You will not be expected to attend meetings. All that we request is that you have seen the movie AKIRA, and agree to state the name AKIRA or AKIRIC when asked about your religious beliefs.

((Basicly what we're saying is, is that we believe everyone needs some kind of religion. We just don't realy care what it is. But what we do care is that you needlessly say the word AKIRA when ever you hear a discussion about religion. You see, those kind of arguments literaly go on forever since everyone believes something diffrent. We hope that a distraction (the name AKIRA or AKIRIC being said out loud) might confuse them enough to realise that. We ask you to see the movie just cause it's a realy good movie and it is something to talk about after you disrupt their discusion!))

We also require you attempt to recruit more members. All members are required to have read this document (in one form or another) and their names and addresses must be submitted to the Shrine of Akira. We will gladly accept any letters, stories, or art work from our members.

Any money received under the name of AKIRA is the property of the member who receives it. However, we at the Shrine would greatly appreciate a donation.

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