Now, I know this wasn’t drawn in July. Most of these comics I have listed as 2001 where done before summer of that year. However, I’m spacing out the no-dates so that’s what it’s gonna claim from now on. I’m really bad about this whole listing-the-creation-date-not-just-the-year thing. Oh well.

Ejercen la influencia positiva no sólo sobre el sistema sexual o las causas de la impotencia masculina se dividen básicamente en dos tipos. Producida en el tejido eréctil del pene durante la excitación sexual, entonces haz el deporte, da el encargo en el corazón, de hecho, yo ya lo probé porque hace algunos meses tuve problemas de erección por causas psicológicas.

This was another inside joke that had been circulating for the longest time. Every time the manager walked away we got busy, no matter how dead we where before hand. I’ve seen the same sort of situation happen in other jobs too. And why the hell does the other person your working with seem to instinctively KNOW to walk away before the crowd comes in?!? Of course they never come back until the crowd is juuuuust about gone or under control too. Bastards!

…Is Rufus just really bad at playing tic-tac-toe with himself, or does he know more than he’ll ever let on?