While I’m fond of new players coming onto our humble MUCK, I do feel a bit of trepidation regarding them at times. Especially when they decide to say they’re things like “Furry” or “Pokémorph/mon”. I’m an avidly vocal opponent of these kinds of characters/players, due to the general populace of their fandom being overly vocal, whiny, or just downright rude. There have been very few exceptions to this generalization, yet they are so few and far between, it becomes extremely difficult for me to discern the difference between the two.

This is brought on by coming home from work, and reading over my backscroll (A backscroll for the uninformed is the buffer of events that is displayed on screen in my MU* client from the period I was inactive until I was active), to discover that we do in fact have a new player, and seemingly from the information in their character profile, fall within the “Pokémorph” category. This concerns me slightly, as from past experience, the community with these people are less then tolerable unless they are within their own element.

Coupled by the fact that they have stated in their character profile, they are of a species of Pokémon from the upcoming 5th generation of games, which hasn’t even been released yet. There has been no On-Screen proof of what this type of Pokémon is capable of, or where it will fall within the upcoming Power Scales of the yet to be released game. This kind of behavior worries me, as this could prove to be an issue in the future, especially if this new person starts doing things based on the fact that this new species of Pokémon hasn’t even been shown yet, so they are ‘assuming’ that it should get this or that. Some may wonder why I feel this warrants a rant, however, its because I can rant about it on this space, that I choose to do so.

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As a general rule of thumb. I don’t like Furries and Pokémorphs at all. They generally cause more headaches then really ever needed or desired. Many Staffers of MU* games can attest to this fact, and unless they are within a game that is themed towards their specific niche, they will cause a lot of problems.