Marr0w_Productions started off as a bit of a pipe dream. Finding it’s origins back in ’96 with the creation of the Shrine of Akira, my goals towards creating a fictional cult and making it as real as possible led me down many strange paths. Coupled with an obsession with computers this was literally what opened the doors for me when it came later to web development (and an unhealthy amount of email addresses).

I tried the [I MAKE WEBPAGES] bandwagon for the longest time but it got me nowhere. Either someone would offer to get me hired onto a place and would take the job for themselves or I’d be ignored completely. I even voluntarily remade existing ‘auto-generated’ webpages for people in hopes they’d be impressed with my style and run with it to get my name out. Saddly this also didn’t get me far.

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It wasn’t until the online gaming community TwistedMUCK (then ChronoMUCK) was created that anyone acknowledged the name as anything more than an over glorified email address. And shortly after that the Petting Zoo videos began. Now the name is tied to a rather vast number of projects and my solo efforts have umbrellaed out into a small number of people with like-minded goals and similar levels of sarcasm.

It’s funny looking back at the days when Marr0w was nothing more than an AOL screen name taken from my never finished comic books how the name once again means more than a title for one person alone. Back then my friend Bryce kept borrowing my account and the two of us started many a conversation with the same people having to go to vast efforts to make them realize that we had a similar mindset and where not the same person. That quite possibly could happen again at some point if I didn’t threaten bodily harm to the other members of Marr0w_Productions if they so much as hinted at it…

There was a point to this and it involved explaining why so many projects have come and gone since our outdated blog was replaced with this one, but in hindsight maybe it’s better to simply leave it at that. Maybe I’ll get around to making that point later as an excuse to post again.