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"Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything." ~Tyler Durden
10/02/2007 ~ MASSIVE UPDATES Ok, first of all I've spent the past few days adding in 108 new images to the gallery. Like it wasn't big enough already, right? Over half of Atmosfear 'The Third Dimension''s images have been added in, pictures of Wenanty Nosul, and lots of stuff that's been hiding on my harddrive for about a year or two. If it was an image posted on or to the Well of Fears - it's in the Gallery now. Current statistics?
~ 617 files, 62.7 MBs ~

Ok, so what's next? Well, this is the update I don't want to tell you about. ANSWorld is gone. That means the copy of the Well of Fears that was stored there is gone as well. Everything as far as media was backed up, so no worries there. However, this means that the forums are lost, possibly an interview or two as well. If you have ANYTHING of the old Well send 'em to me.

What about the Well, you ask? Well, we where already planning on overhauling it again. Now we got motivation!! WEEEE! Look for the new updated Well of Fears soon!
7/30/2006 ~ ICON GALLERY ADDED I added in an icon gallery and abused this nice new php script so it has thumbnails and all that fun stuff. I might actualy brake down and do this to the main gallery despite the amount of work that went into coding it in html. The only bad thing is that it wouldn't be as organised as it currently is. Oh well, figure that out later.

I also included two scans in the promo section mailed to me by Morgul Maggot, and updated the Khufu DVD images on the gallery page.
7/02/2005 ~ THE WELL OF FEARS RETURNS Yes, once more the beast itself resurfaces. Although still suffering it's fair share of bugs, it has returned in a blaze of glory. Well, perhaps blaze is a poor choice of words. It melted... thus the lengthy outage.

You can see it up and running for yourselves at Seems like it's all working aside from the upload area and the forum login. Just a tip for ya, if you run into problems with the forums check the address bar on your browser. If it reads something like: just change the folder name from 'welloffears' to 'WOF' and it should let you continue just fine. This was all a part of Darkwolff's plan to convince people I was abducted by aliens. He probably planned on blaiming the server problems on them trying to contact me. Mwa-hah-hah! We showed him this time didn't we!! It'd take more than a server outage for those bastards to find me again.

...wait. No, that's not right. Um.... ignore that.
6/23/2005 ~ IMAGE GALLERY COMPLETE Ow, ow, ow, ow... someone better appreciate this. Roughly a total of 8 hours has gone into organising the entire Well of Fears image folder and writing up the links in html so you maggots can browse at your lesire. There's some intresting surprises buried in there. Stuff we'd honestly forgotten about completly. I did trim some stuff out (duplicates, that sort of thing...), but more importantly I added in even more.

Yeah, while staring at this stuff and feeling my mind slowly turning to pudding I suddenly realised that I'd neglected the old Other Side image archives. Guh... that's a project in itself. So, dumping it all into one big folder (after cutting out stuff that was already on the gallery page) I threw that up at the very end as one big huge block of links thus completing for the first time the MASSIVE gallery page. This hear by changes the original count of images and size to:
~ 509 files, 51.3 MBs ~

I can feel the authritis setting into my fingertips already. Some stuff was just too funny not to leave in there. Darkwolff's horrible Pusen pictures, the sudden appearance of Trogdor, and some rather intresting icons. Logos for every page, menu, and concept of the Well of Fears. We're talking archive to a obscene scale here. So, enjoy my fellow Harbingers. I'm not redoing that page again...
6/22/2005 ~ THE OTHER SIDE RETURNS! Of course I understand many of you are probably angry by that fact. Why would I, Marr0w, want to ressurect my old site? What happened to the Well of Fears? Well, to be fair. That was why I did this. If you want information you can log on here and see -exactly- what I know. At this moment... it's nothing at all.

We are working on getting a server online to host the Well. Most likely this will be in a wikipedia format as it's the easiest way to allow for users to post all that they need and get the information out immediatly. Current status on this project: incomplete.

I will continue to gather everything I can, and will continue to save every media file we can get our grubby little hands on to my hard drive. For the time being I have a rather HUGE amount of images from the Well of Fears as well as all the video files and sound files. I needed somewhere to put them. As of this moment, since it's sharing the same connection as my own, I've put what I can here. ...believe me. Organising this monster of an image directory is no easy task. But should keep me busy for awhile. Although I have them, I will not be putting the video and audio files up for the sake of bandwidth. Enjoy what you get, folks. This is the best I can offer for free.

As soon as the server becomes available I'll start moving all this media over to it and setting it up under the name 'Well of Fears'. The rest, as always, is up to you. For now, this is Marr0w, the last survivor of the Well of Fears Administraion, signing off...

I know, I know... I'm not the last and it's not dead.... but I couldn't resist the joke.
I know the Other Side has been missing for awhile. Sorry about that. Between moving to a permanent server and trying to update the site to FLASH, I've neglected any and all visitors to the Other Side. So, as my way of making up for these, I offer this last HTML update to the site. Hopefully, I'll have the FLASH site up before I decide any other major changes to the layout of this site.

UNSEEN CHANGES I've tried to incorprate alot of the newer changes to the site into this editon of the HTML version. For example, you'll notice that there is now a News Archive so you can see any of the recent changes to this version of the site. There are many other slight changes to various pages and I plan to hide alot more. (That's right, it's Easter time agian!) So, if you've ever visited the site before, you may want to look around a bit...