Liquor Store Consumed By Fire

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Local police are baffled by a recent fire at a liquor store downtown. Witnesses state that a young man, appearing disturbed, walked into the liquor store with matches, several gallons of kerosene, and a gun.

John Granger, who was in the store when the suspect walked in, says that the young man "looked like he was in some kind of cult." "He just kept muttering to himself. He was acting all crazy like. I thought he might kill us but he didn't." Instead, the young man forced everyone out at gun point before pouring kerosene around the store and setting it on fire. No one was injured, but store owner Mitchell Haversburg says that it will be a while before he decides to reopen. "I don't want no crazies coming in here thinkin' they can set fire to my livelihood."

Police are unsure what motivated the young man to set fire to a liquor store in broad daylight, but they believe they might have a few leads. Evidence collected at the scene suggests the man was working alone, but police are not ruling out what they call "cult activity."

"You never know around these parts," stated Officer Dan Burns. "Kids get real bored and think they're going to do something tough. Before you know it they're burning the whole place down."

The suspect has not yet been identified.

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