Charles "Chuck" Edwards III
  • DOB - 11-01-1979
  • HEIGHT - 6'3"
  • Wanted in connection with the deaths of over 20 individuals from 1997-2008
  • Shown to have a facination with bladed weaponry
  • Evidence recovered seems to indicate possible hematolagnia (blood fetishism)
  • Seems to be working for some unknown benefactor
  • Current wereabouts unkown
  • Considered to be extremely dangerous
  • Do not approach under any circumstances


The first Intern. AKA "Pyro"
  • Created as a fake persona to confuse the general public as to the validity of the recorded material
  • Claimed responsibility for several cases of arson in the Louisville area
  • Obvious signs of pyromania and self inflicted burns and scars
  • Wanted in connection with at least 10 missing indivuals
  • Last seen in the Louisville, Kentucky area