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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper
The Gatekeeper as portrayed by Wentanty Nosul.

Portrayed by (EN) Wenanty Nosul
(EN) David Whitney
Appearances Nightmare/Atmosfear I
Atmosfear 'The Harbingers'
Atmosfear 'The Harbingers' Instructional Video
Atmosfear 'The Harbingers' Booster Game Tapes
Atmosfear 'The Third Dimension'
Atmosfear 'The Gatekeeper'


'The Harbingers'

The bad news or the bad news? Meet The Gatekeeper. He alone presides over The Other Side, keeping the peace in the Provinces until Doomsday - or whatever comes next.

He is the game's timekeeper and referee - dealing out punishments and penalties and ruling the game play with an iron fist.

'The Gatekeeper' and ATMOSFEAR (2019)

ATMOSFEAR (2019) appearance
The Gatekeeper, traditionally the guardian of the graveyard, can manifest himself at any time, in any form - although he prefers his comfortable, tattered, old shroud. He is ugly, cranky and mean spirited; but with good reason. As sentinel of The Other Side, The Gatekeeper’s determined duty is to keep six creatures of doom imprisoned beneath a crypt.

These creatures represent the things that we fear the most, are the stuff of our nightmares, and each has a name and a history so frightening that they have been isolated and imprisoned in their own separate terror-tories. Barred from the corporeal world, the Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Zombie, Mummy and Poltergeist, must wait, impatiently, for a chance to escape their bad-tempered warden, and return to this earthly dimension to once again wreak havoc on us mortals.

Meanwhile, the life of a sentry can be pretty dull - especially if you're immortal. So now The Gatekeeper invites you to face your worst Nightmare™: Assume the identities of these six beings and challenge him in a contest that is bound to get personal.

And as you turn the volume up and the lights down, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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