ChronoMUCK Character Application

Before you begin to apply, please log onto the MUCK as a guest. To do so, here is the connection information:

Our Host: charis.servegame.comPort (Pueblo) : 4240Port (TelNET) : 4242
Type ‘connect guest guest’ when first connecting.

Upon connection, please take a look at the characters already taken by typing ‘userlist *’ Don’t want to apply for someone you can’t have, right? We have a very strict policy about non-original characters from outside the CT/CC worlds. Please contact one of our staff for more information. Now on to the fun part!

OOC (Out of Character Information) 

Your Name:
Other Characters (on this and other MU*s) : 
Have you played Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross before? 
	How many times have you played them all the way through?
IC (In Character Information)

Character Name:
Location/Time Period of Origin:
Series (if applicable):
Estimated Physical Age:
Skills: (hand to hand fighting, weapons, cooking and cleaning, that sort
of thing.)
Flaws: (list any that apply)

Character Background:

Time line Explanation: (How did this character end up in the timeline of 
1004 A.D? Please refer to the time-line rules for any information 
needed. Mandatory.)
As stated by Spekkio at the End of Time, only those born in the Kingdom 
of Magic (Zeal 12,000 BC) can naturally possess such skills. People born 
after that time can be awakened to use magic but only through Sepkkio’s 
trials. As of this time, that is not an available option. Most people 
need to skip this section. Elements are being taken into account, and we 
may allow a separate Element app in the future. If your character uses 
Elements (i.e. Chrono Cross) then you don’t need to bother with this 
area, Elements are not Magic. 

If you choose to use magic, your application will need more than one 
approval to be permitted. Be advised, that although you might have a 
great application, abusive use of magic is enough to get denied. You 
have been warned... ~Lavos

What type of magic does your character use? (Fire, Lightning, Water, or 
How did you come to use magic?

Please explain, in detail, what magical abilities (spells) your 
character possesses:
When you complete your application, please e-mail it to the @PCreate staff at

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