ChronoMUCK Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the unfortunate, but mandatory section of the MUCK. Every one has to have it, despite the common sense factor, so we’ll make it short and sweet. Well, not sweet. That’s what Marle is for! .... (Sometimes..) It’s essential that you read through the rules before sending in your application.


Harassment can include, but is not limited, to any of the following:

Character relations, (i.e. twinking, powergaming, out of cannon, sexual harassment ) Inappropriate or Offensive comments, (i.e. racial, slurs, vulgarity) General rude behavior


If someone is bothering you in any way, whether or not it be personal or character related, your first step is to let them know it upsets you. Perhaps they’re not even aware that they’re doing anything wrong. If the problem continues or cannot be resolved, that’s what we have Arbitration wizzes for. There’s always the option to p#ignore someone or just simply not go near them if they continue to be a problem! Remember to always log the situation for records before or during your approach to any arb wiz, or any wiz for that matter. No one should ever have to feel uncomfortable on this MUCK and we’ll strive to see that it remains a fun environment.


No player is allowed more than three (3) characters at any one time. Which includes one main character, and two alternate characters.


If you know that you aren’t going to be playing consistently, don’t apply for major main characters. You wouldn’t want to have a Magus who only logged in once every two months on ChronoMUCK, now would you? Doesn’t make sense. You’re considered a candidate for idle-frobbing after being idle for at least 30 days. A list will be made every month of players that have been idle. We’ll announce it and page each player. If within a week, they haven’t logged on, they will be @toaded.

If you’re going to be away for a while, like a vacation or an unexpected real life situation, please p#mail a wiz to let them know. That way we can set the “awayok” flag so you won’t be idle-frobbed.

If within 30 days, no one else has applied for the character, you’re welcome to reapply for them.


This relates to idle-frobbing. It’s where someone logs in for a few minutes every week or so, but doesn’t RP just so that they won’t be idle-frobbed. Once suspected of squatting, the player will be informed that they need to increase their activity level or they’ll be put on the idle-frob list. Same rule applies for reapplication.


It’s one of the worst disregards for RP-etiquette. Twinking can be described as anyone who uses OOC information during IC situations, forcing actions upon other players, someone who plays as though they are invincible, and many other examples. Don’t do it. If you are in a combat situation and pose something like “Player 1stabs Player 2 with a sword”, it’s considered twinking. A better way of posing would be: “Player 1 attempts to stab their sword into Player 2's leg”, or something to that effect. Of course, with more substance though! These are just simple examples. Your player cannot be killed without your consent, so every once in a while they’re bound to take a little damage if they’re constantly going into combat situations.


Under no circumstances will wizzes ever release any personal information about any players or other wizzes. In correlation, never reveal any other players personal information or character alts. It’s just common courtesy. If anyone is found to be doing this, you will be approached by the wiz core for punishment.


We stand behind the idea of consent-based RP upon this MUCK. If you’re going to do something adverse that may affect the other player, it’s always best to ask OOCly if it’ll be okay. Don’t just assume! The same goes with TS. Any act of TS with a minor, whether it be IC or OOC, is grounds for an automatic @frobbing. No explanation or warning needed. Use common sense, ‘kay?


Yeah, we all have our prefrences. But for purposes of keeping the setting we have a few odd rules we will be enforcing, despite how strange they may seem...

No Cartoon Network characters The PPG have no business here. Neither does the cast of Dragon Ball Z, no matter how cool you think Goku's hair is compared to Crono. This rule is currently under debate given the new setting. Please contact one of our staff for more details.

No inapproriate spoofs This applies to one very saddly reoccuring situtaion involving a running joke about exploding pengiuns. There will be no prinnies on ChronoMUCK!! We have cats to handle our random humor. Leave the penguins on MU...

No one is stronger than Lavos Doesn't matter what you are, or how cool your character is. Lavos is the head guy. Do not invoke his wrath on this matter. Again, currently under debate. Please contact a member of our staff.

No uber mechs Do you remember that part in CT where Magus showed up in his gundam and destroyed the castle? Neither do I. Don't ask for one.

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