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Ranma : Trivia 2

Highlight the boxes for the correct answer.
#29. In the Second OAV opening, what is Ranma's only line?
"Don't you know I got no idea, from this point on..."

#30. What are two names for female Ranma?
Girl-Type Ranma, Ranma-chan, Ranko, Yoiko, Tree Born Kettle Girl, the Pigtailed One, etc...

#31. What is Ranma's greatest fear?

#32. When Ranma's fear reaches it's peak, what attack does he preform?
The Cat-Fist

#33. What sign does Ranma give before he preforms this attack (Question 32)?
He yowls

#34. What is the final message when you use the P-Chan link on the Links page?
Please do not press this button again.

#35. What company releases Ranma in America?
Viz Video

#36. What tarot card tells of Happosai's destiny when Akane gets her future read?
The Tower

#37. Where should you never put a Phoenix egg?
On your head

#38. Who gave Pantyhose Taro his name?

#39. What is the name of the first Ranma theme to be translated and performed in English?
Love Panic

#40. What musical group performs the music in the Ranma OAV series?

#41. What is the English version of the group in Question #40?

#42. What is the meaning of life?

#43. How many dojos did the Dojo Destroyer destroy before challenging the Tendo Dojo?

#44. 'China Boy' was a contradiction. What would have been a better translation of 'Lai Lai Boy'?
Come Here Boy (If you don't believe me, go watch Shampoo catch P-Chan to make Ranma lunch)

#45. What is the name given by this site for the name of Ryoga's real sister?
Yoikko Hibiki

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