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Ranma : Trivia

Highlight the boxes for the correct answer.
#1. What is Ranma and Akane's homeroom number?
(1-F) Freshmen Room 1

#2. What is the politicly correct term for Ryoga's since of direction?
Navigationaly Challenged

#3. How old was Happosai when he stole half of a scroll from the Seven Lucky Gods?
A mere lad of 18

#4. What is the name of Ryoga's pet dog (English)?

#5. How long did Ranma wait for Ryoga in the vacant lot behind his house?
3 days

#6. How long did it take for Ryoga to get there? (See #5)
4 days

#7. Who was the first Saotome to fall into the cursed springs?

#8. The song 'Don't Make Me Wild Like You' appears several times in the animated series. What does Shampoo's Great-Grandmother claim to be the name of the song?
Dance of the Fire Dragon

#9. What is Happosai's nick-name?

#10. What is Shampoo's Great-Grandmother's real name?

#11. What is Issuza's name for P-Chan?

#12. What are 2 of Ranma's nicknames for Ryoga?
P-Chan, Pig Butt, Mr. P, P.C., etc...

#13. In Niconron, what is a traditional meal?
Rice and Pickels

#14. What is the Headmaster from Hell's first 'gift' to the students of Furinken High?
Buz-cuts for guys, bowl-cuts for girls.

#15. How is 'hello' spoken in Chinese?

#16. Ranma draws blood from Kuno using a special attack during a production of Romeo and Juliet. What is the name of the attack?
Drunk-fu "Would you believe, Snooze-fu?"

#17. What can you do to prevent being killed by Akane's cooking?
Mix it with other food or pour in water from the Spring of Life. If all else fails, "P-P-P-PICKELS!!!"

#18. The SNES game, Ranma : Hard Battle, is infact based mostly on what series other than Hard Battle?
Outta Control

#19. Who created Ranma ?
Rumiko Takahashi

#20. This site was originaly based on what page of the Shrine of Akira?
Yoikko's Links

#21. Moouse became cursed by his own trap. Who was his water intended for?

#22. Sasuke was created to replace which character?
Hikaru Gosinkugi

#23. During a flash back triggered by the smell of clean sheets, Sasuke thinks about his bed at the Kuno estate. What type of food was once in the containers sitting beside him?
Cup A Noodles

#24. What is Genma's favorite food?
Pork Buns

#25. Why did Ranma and his father originaly swim to China?
Genma was to cheap to buy tickets

#26. What is Happosai's one line in the 'Ranma Lambada'?
"Ahhh! Akane no pantie!!" (Ahhh! Dear Akane's panties!)

#27. Although known as the 'Ryoga Theme', what is the true name of the song?
'For the Sake of the Art'

#28. Before calling himself the 'Blue thunder of Furinken High', what name did Kuno go by?
The Shooting Star