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Checkers is my little doggy. She was the first of the family to find out that P-Chan was realy Ryoga-chan.

Here at my site, Checkers does her usual job of helping the lost or confused. She always seems to pop up in the places where you least expect it. Sometimes, she'll take you to a better place or bring you back home incase you get lost. Be sure to look for her.


My brother also drifts around my site, in the form of P-Chan. He tends to show up in even stranger places than Checkers. P-Chan will always take you somewhere, but you never know where. Look for him when you have alot of time to kill. But if you do see him, ask him to stop by the house for once...

Have you seen this boy?

My brother has been missing since he brought that nasty Akane home with him, a month ago. I've heard reports that he may be anywhere. One person even told me that he'd gone off to CANADA!!! Please tell me this isn't true. If you have seen him or know where he may be, please contact me at with the subject 'Ryoga Search'.

He may be in the company of a person named Ranma Saotome or a baita named Akane Tendo. I had hoped to get the whole family together for Christmas but I can't find him. I don't want to spend another Winter at home alone! Please, please help me find him...


Travel Map
  • From Hibiki Residence to (Canada?)
  • From (Canada?) to Hawaii
  • From Hawaii to League City, Texas
  • From League City, Texas to ???

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