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Ryoga "P-Chan" Hibiki

Ryoga Hibiki is mostly commonly known as "the Eternal Lost Boy". He has a terrible since of direction that causes him to take days to reach such a simple destination as the back of his house. He has even been known to get lost on his way to the bathroom. Poor Ryoga decided to fight Ranma Saotome one fateful day (over a argument about bread), and took 4 days to reach the location of the battle. By then Ranma had "fled", starting his trip to China with his father. Ryoga followed him all the way to China and even to the lost springs of Jesankyo.

Upon reaching the Cursed Springs, Ryoga was knocked into the spring of drowned piglet by Ranma's female form. Now furious over his new found curse, Ryoga chased Ranma back to Japan and eventualy to the Tendo Dojo. Fuled with a new found hatered, Ryoga began to once again battle Ranma, this time getting splashed by the falling rain.

In his piglet form, Ryoga was discovered by Akane wo adopted him and named him P-Chan (Pig-cute). Now he stays by Akane's side, confusing her love for her pet as love for him.