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Yoiko/Yoikko Hibiki

Yoiko Hibiki was originaly an attempt by Ranma Saotome to get even with Ryoga for trying to get close to Akane. Ranma disguised himself as a young girl and pretended to be Ryoga's long lost sister. The act turned out to be more than Ranma could handle when Ryoga decided that careing for his sister was more important than Akane. Then to make things worse, Ryoga's dad called to see how things where going before Ranma had a chance to escape. Needless to say, Ranma was quite sore when he went home that night...

Yoikko Hibiki is now a character thanks to the hands of the fans. She is a character based off of the original Yoiko with the attitude of Mihoshi from Tenchi. Although often times an air-head, she actualy cares for her brother and searches for him whenever he's gone. However, being a member of the Hibiki clan, Yoikko too has no since of direction.