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There are many diffrent endings to the original Chrono. I counted over 70. Since no one seems to beileve me, I'm putting it on the web. Since there are many ways to get an ending on Chrono, I have them divided into many catagories, Hopefully, this shall help some...

I happen to like the endings. If you people know the game as well as you claim, descriptions aren't nessecary.Oh, and I strongly recomend using New Game + to get these endings...

1)Here's the easiest to get to. Die at Lavos's outer shell.
______For the following endings, go through LAVOS GATE at the Fair_________
2)After you return from 600 A.D., before Crono is thrown in jail
3)Just after competing the Heckron Cave
4)After defeating Zombor at Zenan Bridge just before you recieve Tata's
Hero Medal
5)After getting the Hero's medal, but before going to 65,000,000 B.C.
6)After returning from 65,000,000 B.C., before giving Frog the fixed
7)Before challenging Magus, but after giving Frog the
8)While Ayla is first in your party
9)Just after defeating Magus, but before Schala re-opens the
seal on the
Land Bridge
10)Immediatly challenging Lavos on New Game +
11)Just after schala opens the seal in the Ocean Palace

______The following are, more or less, descriptions not instructions________
___________If you know exactly how to get them, let me know...______________
12)Baloon ending 1, Marle is carried away (alone) by the baloons that held the bell
13)Baloon ending 2, Marle and Chrono both float away
14)Baloon ending 3, Same as #12, but Lara can walk
15)Ballon ending 4, Same as #13, but Lara can walk
16)Crono is not revived (and only Marle cares)
17)Same as 16 but Lara can walk
18-24)Same as 12-17 but Frog becomes Human again
25)Mario, Shadow, Terra, Locke, Celes, and Bowser become
playable characters, Game restarts from beging. (I've seen alot of evidence to support this ending but nothing reliable. I leave it to you to decide)
26)This is the correct ending for the game. It is a collection of
27-38)Crono has 1-11 cats (this is also refered to as Cat's Rule the World because it seems to bring up an ending where all the cats go into a time portal at the end of the game, and become lost. During the credits a scene appears where Epoch flies over the country side and thousands of pairs of eyes shine up from the darkness)
39-50)Cat's rule... but Lara can walk
51-73)Cat's rule... but Frog becomes Human
74)The short version of #26
75)Cat's rule... but there are only 2 cats and Crono doesn't chear when his mom disappears with them

Many people regard endings 12-75 as being only 3-5 diffrent endings. But, I consider them seperatly. It's the player's decision.