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There are lots of rumors about Chrono Trigger. I've done my best to collect and verify as many as possible.

X="Has been done using Game Genie on the SNES"
Kefka teams up with Lavos
F.F.3 demo with Crono's characters
Gespar, Johnny, and Ozzie join you
XQueen Zeal joins you
Gato arrives at Crono's house
XYou can walk on 1999 world map
XDalton joins your pary
XThe king can be turned into a cat
XPlay game as Schala
XThe tittle screen is replaces with race
XMusic not found in american version can be accesed
Dragon Ball Z characters join you
XThe prison can be revisted after getting Epoch
XOgers can be made to look like Lavos
Chrono can carry/use Magus's equipment