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  • Remeber Vicks and Wedge from Final Fantasy 3 (US)? They appear in Bekkler's 10 point game
  • Use Antipode 3 on the shopkeeper in Medina (circa 1000 A.D.) and it'll be renamed (temporaraly) to "Fatal Attack"
  • Magic is extremly strong during 12,000 B.C. You can get 9999 attacks here. But, this will not work in the Black Omen
  • Did you know, the graphics, weapons, and sounds change if New Game + is used enough?
  • Destroy the Omen from the future to the past to allow it to return in previous time periods. This is good for massive exp. points and tabs. (Magic tabs can be charmed from Aliens)
  • Experiment with your second party member. Who ever is in the middle will be the one who talks the most. (Not true with Crono)
  • If you don't know about the Nagga-ette Bromide, you can find it in a chest of drawers in the Cathedral (circa 600 A.D.) Give it to the old man in the Dorino Village of 600 A.D. and he'll give you a special tab.
    ADDITIONAL: In case you were wondering, a bromide is a picture of a "scantly clad" woman...

  • "Lucca the Great" appears in Xenogears. Find her in the first village to learn about memory cubes.
  • For best results, build up experience with the bats just outside the room containing the first fight with Magus. They return each time you re-enter the hall.
  • Remember that if you change Magus's name when he first joins your party and he will be called by his new name until the game ends. "Beware the evil Fluffy!"
  • "Thank you Lavos!" You can change Epoch's name to Lavos. Don't ask me why...
  • If you have not restored Crono's life with a clone and/or looked at Donino's Magus Shrine, then go there with Magus at the lead and Marle in the middle, and she'll call Magus Crono...
  • In Japan there where 2 additional Chrono Games. Radical Dreamers (Which Chrono Cross was based off of), and Chrono Trigger: Bike Special.
  • Want to see the TRUE ending of Chrono Trigger?

    1Do not save Crono's life on Death Peak or do any of the tasks the old man, Gaspar, gives you when Crono dies.
    2Play the 80 point game until at least 8 cats arrive at Crono's house (this includes Crono's cat)
    3Beat the game without breaking through Lavos's outser shell with Epoch or going through the Lavos Gate

  • Where you aware that the names changed when Chrono Trigger was translated to English?

    Untied States

    MarleMarl, Malu

  • Unsolved Mysteries

  • Where do Crono, his mom, his 11 (max.) cats, and his friends sleep with only one bed in the house? Sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it?
  • Why does a mystery cat keep appearing and helping out Crono and his friends? Is this Crono's missing cat, or does it have something to do with the question about the one bed?...

    Here they are. The legendary Chrono Trigger roms. Remember the rules, unless you own the full version of these on an old SNES cartridge, you must delete them within 24 hours.
  • Chrono Trigger
  • CT: Bike Race
  • CT: Character Library
  • CT: Music Library
  • I'm not sure about the origin of the last three files. Are these hidden within the full game? If anyone knows, please E-Mail me.