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    An extraterrestrial life-form that is thought to have fallen from the heavens 65 million years ago. On the time line that existed before history was changed, Lavos was assumed to have slept deep below the plaent's surface... sleeping and consuming the planet's energy up until the day of destrucion known as the "Apocalypse." There are those who believe that, 12 thousand years ago, the legendary ancient magical civilization known as Zeal came into contact with Lavos. That fateful encounter is said to have resulted in Zeal disappearing from the surface of the planet within the space of a single night. However, the very existence of the ancient civilization of Zeal has never been proven, so up till this day this theory cannot be confirmed. On some time lines, Lavos appeared on the surface of the planet in the year 1999 and brought the world to ruins. However, a group of young time travelers saw where their planet's history was heading and, through their actions, rewrote time. This very research facility existson that new time line... in a world where, thanks to the defeat of Lavos by the young adventurers, the Apocalypse never happened... on a temporal vector where human civilization continued to evolve unhampered. All the data on Lavos that has been obtained from tracing diffrent parallel world possibilities has proven to be volatile, with fluctuating discrepencies. Perhaps at this point in time, it is nearly impossible to obtain any true information about Lavos.


    65 million years ago, the Reptites who evolved from reptiles had developed their own unique civilization... this was long before the ancestors of humans, who evolved from primates, had developed their civilization. Excavations carried out on the central continent of Zenan have revealed that the Reptites already had advanced architectural skills in the prehistoric era. But the fall of Lavos to the planet, and the resulting Ice Age this brought about, rang the death knell for the Reptites and their civilization. After that the Reptites slowly disappeared from the stage of history. However, in the distant past humans could hav been defeated in the contest for evolution and the Reptites could have continued to develop... it is not unthinkable that such a time line could exist in other dimensions. Everything is purely a problem of possibilities, and the world is only stabilized by the viewpoint of the one who observes it.


    Evidence from various timelines has uncovered the following prayer used in worshiping the Magus, a warlock who was believed to save the monster tribes from the Humans whom they believed would destroy them. Curiously, Lavos was the instrument with which the Magus was believed to destroy the Humans with...

    "oh... dearest Magus...
    Your flashing eyes... like stars...
    And flowing hair...
    Like waves atop the sea...
    No sad sunny place nor any fightful
    bright place can get us down
    as long as you're near...
    There's nothing to fear...

    Magus, oh Magus
    Our Hero, Magus


    Although there is still no evidence to support the existance of the civilization of Zeal, a document has been discovered that was claimed to have been written by a citizen of Zeal several months prior to the it's estimated destruction. The document seems to describe the "Dream Stone" a mystical stone that was used to forge the mighty Masamune, or Mastermune, in the myths of several timelines. The sword was said to have magical powers that enabled it to destroy evil...

    "It all began ages ago, when man's ancestor
    picked up a shard of a strange red rock.
    It's power, which was beyond human
    comprehension, cultivated dreams.
    In turn, love and hate were born...

    Only time will see how it all ends.


    Crono, the XXXIV King of the Kingdom of Guardia is one of the 'heroes' responsible for the destruction of Lavos and the subsequent de-splintering of the many diffrent timelines that led to the creation of this facility. Study of his travles throught space/time has uncovered a vary curious example of the diffrent timelines reaching the same outcome. In this example we see the trial that led to his group's discovery of the Lavos destroyed future timelines. The trial's most facinating aspect is that in all the timelines that the event took place, Crono was still sentenced to be executed by the Kingdom's Chancellor, who was even replaced in several timelines by an imposter.

    CHANCELLOR: I am the Chancellor
    LAWYER: I am the Lawyer Pierre
    CHANCELLOR: Bring forth the accused, Crono! What shall we do with him? Fire, perhaps? Hang him upside down for a few years? Or... shall we employ the guillotine? You, the jury, shall decide his fate. Now, let us begin.
    JUDGE: Crono, you are here by ordered to tell the truth!
    LAWYER: Crono is charged with "Premeditated Abduction of Royalty." The question is, did he kidnap Princess Nadia? The answer? No, he did not. In fact no "abduction" took place! The two met completly by accident. In fact, the Princess ASKED Crono if SHE could join HIM!
    CHANCELLOR: Is this true? Who actually started this whole mess?
    CRONO: [I did.] [Marle did.]
    CHANCELLOR: [Just as I suspected! The defenant diliberately tried to get near the Princess!] [Oh, I have a witness that said you bumped into her! The Princess then innocently followed you to Lucca's little sideshow. Where upon you both disappeared! If that wasn't criminal abduction, I don't know WHAT is!] And I have facts that throw the defendant's character into question!
    LAWYER: Objection! This can't have any relevance what so ever to this case!
    JUDGE: Care to respond, Chancellor?
    CHANCELLOR: Crono's character is at the very core of this case!
    LAWYER: We have nothing to hide. [--Event does not take place--]

    CHANCELLOR: Have you ever stolen anything?
    CRONO: [Well... yes.] [No! I've never been a theif.]
    CHANCELLOR: [See! He lacks morals! This should be on the record! He's crying out for help! Bring in the witness...] [--Event does not take place--]
    WITNESS: [Him! He ate my lunch right off the table!] [--Event does not take place--]
    CHANCELLOR: [ Let the record show that he stole from a poor, helpless man!] [--Event does not take place--]
    LAWYER: This issue here is MOTIVE. Was there any motive for this fine citizen to kidnap Princess Nadia? No! There was none.
    CHANCELLOR: What about ransome? Crono, her fortune DID tempt you, did it not?
    CRONO: [No!] [Yes.]
    CHANCELLOR: [Are you sure? You really weren't tempted?] [--Event does not take place--]
    CRONO: [Not at all.] [Just a bit.]
    CHANCELLOR: [--Event does not take place--] [Please keep in mind that he just said he had NO intrest in her fortune. Witness plase!] [See I told you so!]
    WITNESS 2: [--Event does not take place--] [He can't fool me, I saw him with my own eyes! Dear me. I'm so nervous. That man grabbed the pendant even before he checked to see if the Princess was okay! Is that it? Can I go?] [--Event does not take place--]
    CHANCELLOR: Nothing more your honor. The prosecution rests.
    JUDGE: Members of the jury... If he is innocent please stand on the right. If he is guily please stand on the left. Order in the court! A verdict has been reached. The verdict is...