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Here's the midi's I've managed to collect thus far (and the track listing for the Original Sound Version). If you can find more, please send them...

* NOTE: Some of my midis are now missing due to transfering files between servers. If you have a copy of any of my missing files, please send them in too...

A Premonition
Chrono Trigger (Crono's Theme) 2 3 4
Morning Sunlight
Peaceful Days
Memories of Green
Guardia Millenial Fair
Gonzalez's (Gato's) Song
A Strange Happening
Wind Scene
Secret of the Forest
Battle 1
Guardia Castle
Manoria Cathedral
A Prayer to the Road that Leads...
Silent Light
Boss Battle 1
Kaeru's (Frog's) Theme
Fanfare 1 (Lucca's Theme)
The Trial
The Hidden Truth
A Shot of Crisis
Ruined World
Mystery of the Past
Dome-16's Ruin
People Who Threw Away the Will To Live
Lavos' Theme
The Day the World Revived
Robo Gang Johnny
Bike Chase
Robo's Theme
Remains of Factory
Battle 2 (unreleased)
Fanfare 2
The Brink of Time
Delightful Spekkio
Fanfare 3
Underground Sewer
Boss Battle 2
Primitive Mountain
Ayla's Theme 2
Rythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
Burn! Bobonga!
Magus' Castle
Confusing Melody
Battle With Magus 2 3 4
Singing Mountain (unreleased)
Tyran Castle
At the Bottom of Night
Time Circuits 2 3
Zeal Palace
Sara's (Schala's) Theme 2 3 4 5 6
Sealed Door
Undersea Palace
Chrono and Marle
Silvard ~Wings That Cross Time~
Black Dream (Black Omen)
World Revolution
Last Battle
First Festival of Stars
To Far Away Times

Piano Only
Gato's Song
Delightful Spekkio
Battle With Magus
World Revolution
To Far Away Times

Fan Creations
Magus Remix
Zeal Deal
Enhasa Remix

Chrono Cross
Lena Beach
Lizard Grotto
Primal Forest
Serge's Village