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We are proud to announce an affiliate program for other MU*s who share our same Multiverse. With the recent decision to bring T.A.S.K. back to Twisted, we've taken the Multiverse Hub concept and expanded upon it. Games who wish to share our multiverse and possibly allow free travel for players and characters between grids may now do so by agreeing to become an affiliate of Twisted MUCK.

What does this mean as a player?

As a player, it means you can travel freely between grids by requesting a special login on the adjacent game which allows you to use your character to interact with the characters of that other game. You will still have to abide by that game's rules and your application may be shared with the other game's staff if requested. In character this is done by a pair of gates created on each world and passing between them takes you from one to the other, assuming the gate isn't locked for some reason.

To accomplish this speak to a member of the staff at the game in question about your current application from the other game. We'll try to make the process as painless as we can from behind the scenes. This process isn't instantaneous. There may be a waiting period.

What does this mean as a staff member?

As staff for another game, this would be an agreement to allow players and characters to travel between your game and ours as though it was simply another area of your grid. You would have access to our staff and resources in addition to your own should complications arise. You would also have the ability to lock your side of the gate for any reason you choose, forcing the other side to comply until such time as you decide to remove that restriction.

In some circumstances, such as game closings, we would also welcome "backing up" your grid onto ours by copying it on the other side of our gate until such time as you are able to reopen thus allowing stories and characters to continue even if they cannot log onto your original grid.

What are the long-term effects of agreeing with this?

This program is intended to bring players and characters to other games where they would never normally find themselves. Rather than advertising on websites like MUD Connector, you would be inviting new players on the grids themselves and thus reaching your target audience directly. We aren't aiming to steal players, we are simply trying to expand upon the options the players have for their characters.

Hopefully this will allow games to have greater opportunities for RP and allow players new ways to allow their characters to grow as well as increasing the size of the player bases for everyone involved.

What if I like that game better than this one?

It's not a perfect system. There will be people who find themselves happier on another game than the one they started from or they might decide they want to exist on two games an even amount of time. Even with the agreement of sharing applications by request if you spend enough time on another game you will be required to fill out and get approval for an application on that other game. Having the same character on multiple grids isn't a new concept and like all games with applications you need to apply to have a character live there.

Games Currently Participating

The following games have agreed to participate in this program. This list is by no means considered to be complete.

Secondary Affiliates

Games in this section are not connected to our grid and do not allow free passage between games for characters, but are still considered to be part of the program. Our staff have agreed to work with them should the need arise and vice-versa. The name of this section may change until we settle on a more appropriate one.

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