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Do not reference information on this page without speaking to staff first.


Good evening folks. What you are seeing here is an experiment and if it goes well hopefully one that will begin to reoccur quite regularly. TwistedMUCK has now existed for over a decade. A decade of stories and plots which we've tried to use our wiki to organize, but even with that some things slip through the cracks. Worse still we as staff have written plots that never quite came out the way we intended but we still reference back to like they did. It's confusing to keep track of for everyone involved.

There are also the ideas which have come up that we can't just openly talk about because they're tied into plots. We can nudge people towards the right logs but often the people involved miss the point we're trying to make by doing so or take the wrong bit of information from them. Then we have to play damage control for a plot device that becomes something more. Sometimes we pull people aside and explain these (in obnoxiously elaborate detail) but it still seems to just miss the point.

Born of this I'm going to try to do a few of these Spoiler Alert articles. These are to be taken as purely OOC information because there is NO WAY anyone's getting these concepts without a staff member pointing them at it. This is us pulling the curtain back and letting you take a peek at how and why certain things have happened the way they have. A lot of this is canon, but there are specific reasons we don't write pages on the wiki about it. Hopefully after reading you'll understand why.

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