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The Complete History of Twisted

The often confusing complete history of Twisted Street. It is not necessary to know any of this information before coming onto Twisted, especially as much of this page is information about Twisted before we rebooted the game in 2011. New players are welcome to skip down to the "Unified Twisted" section near the bottom for more relevant information.

For the version of events written by Señior Diablo, please visit the New Unified Twisted History.

Pre-Unification Twisted

Included here for backstory purposes only. The events that created Twisted are intertwined within time and space making it difficult to explain with dates. As such the events portrayed here are listed in an order that makes the most amount of sense, but that is not necessarily chronological order.

Sometime in the past...

A group begins designing AI with emotions and the ability to become the perfect mate for their owners. Each of them has such a vast ability for calculations that they are often used to control worlds. Most rebel, some go into hiding. The cost for these AI are entire solar systems and the lives who exist within them. This group is silently referred to as the Cradle. It is unknown if this is the name of the group, or simply the location where these AI are created.

In an effort to branch out the Cradle begin to operate behind the mask of a multiversal company called Medical Mechanica who have a tendency to suddenly appear in a city overnight, providing technological and medical advances. However, no one knows how or why this occurs. Attempts to investigate fail and many worlds are destroyed shortly after the arrival of Medical Mechanica for unrelated reasons.
On one world Medical Mechanica find a rival company with almost as much power and ability as themselves named Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. One of it's top researchers, a man named Albert Wesker, begins to obsess over Medical Mechanica and vanishes one day in relation to a bio-terror event believed to have been started by opposition to both companies.
A world called Neo-Tokyo falls, it's refugees seeking out a new home settle in a world called Metropolis Universalis. Among these a lost young man named Johnny C who has the unique ability of being a "waste lock" who comes to the attention of various forces fighting for control of the multiverse. He becomes tasked with protecting a girl named Samantha which quickly becomes an obsession for him.
Both Johnny and Samantha are used as pawns for their abilities and friendship and one is forced to kill the other. His spirit protected from destruction for actions that where not his own, Johnny is removed from Metropolis and sent to the nearest neighboring universe. There with the help of an angel named Emepheria, the two decide to spend eternity watching a small world grow and protecting it from harm. This world becomes known as Chronos.
Cale Charis, protector of his home world of Lunar, former resident of Neo Tokyo, and fellow refugee to Metropolis, finds himself defending against some of the same evils threatening to destroy worlds in the multiverse. As a response to his apparent death, the embodiment of his sword - a woman named Trinune - begins to destroy countless worlds to gain enough power to stop this new threat. Her actions are in vain and the cost of her harsh judgement is hidden from public knowledge.
The destruction of so many worlds created a massive void which began spreading outwards, filling itself with uncontrolled chaos. Trinune shaped that chaos into a world to end it's destructive force - a world which manifests around a street she calls Twisted. Trinune connects this new world to the nearest neighboring world in the multiverse, that of Chronos, and retreats before anyone could discover her influence in the creation of the world.
The Twisted Street, as a side effect of being connected to the broken timestream of Chronos, begins to flow both forwards and backwards along the timeline from it's point of origin. In the span of seconds the Street gains the age of millennia preceding its own creation by millions of years.
In an attempt to control this new world in the past, a powerful woman named Concordance creates a Council to govern the chaotic landscape and makes a secret pact with the Core for one of their AI named Gegoshi to stabilize this world so that it may support life. The act of stabilizing the world now referred to as Twisted causes it to become a multiverse hub, connecting outwards like a crack from a broken piece of glass, threatening to eventually cause all worlds to become connected and fused into the chaotic world.
The children of a local inventor are born having the power to control the chaos from which Twisted was forged. In fear of the possibility of them destabilizing the world, the twins are separated and sealed away in two different pocket dimensions.
All chaotic areas outside of the main city, also dubbed Twisted, become known as the Wastelands as the phrase becomes more widely used by the populace. During this time adventurers begin probing the Wastelands trying to understand them better. Many more worlds are found connected to Twisted, but many more lives are lost.
In opposition to the Council numerous people stand up to Concordance fanning what would become the flames of war. Prominently the Advent of Light Crux Caedon, the Dark Angel Datenshi Wraithshadow, and a misplaced Lord of Hell Caliga Satanas. These three would become major thorns in Concordance's plans and would eventually be responsible for slaying several of the Council members.
As the ruins of a city named Mabase suddenly find itself connected to Twisted, a Medical Mechanica building is abruptly brought into existence in the earliest recorded days of Twisted. All information about it and it's very existence is lost over the millennia that follow. A secret campaign is set forth which begins to erase the very name of Mabase from the records as this mystery continues to grow.
Not just normal worlds begin to find themselves connected, but some abnormal ones too. Various versions of Hell begin to merge and the resident ruler of the first, Señior Diablo, learns of the world merger and embraces it. He creates the first Council of Hell to oppose Concordance's attempts at keeping the multiverse separate and tries to unify them instead, forcing the merger to come faster than it should. What he keeps to himself is that the Council boosts his own power levels in an attempt to stay even with Concordance. Each seat taken adds to his strength making him a bigger threat. Keeping everyone balanced and adding seats to his Council becomes an all-consuming task for this Devil. He then learns of Johnny C still on Chronos and begins formulating a plan...
Travel to and from Hell becomes commonplace. The two Councils begin to meet to discuss the future of the two worlds. Influenced on both sides by Caliga, a disagreement occurs between Concordance and Diablo resulting in a blockade being placed separating the two worlds once again. Old rivalries begin to resurface on both sides of the celestial wall. The first of the two exiled children are released from their prisons to serve on the Council under the threat of being sent back.
Johnny discovers Twisted days after it is first connected to Chronos. By this point, however, much of it's history seems to be set in stone. Feeling at home in the broken multiverse hub, he refuses to go back to what he now feels was an exile on Chronos and starts trying to draw his friends into the world as opposed to letting them find it on their own. The difference in his age now unimaginable to his old acquaintances, his obsession over protecting Samantha now dangerously close to becoming something more. Diablo takes advantage of it and manipulates events to cause Johnny to create a clone of Samantha named Tabitha who grows to hate those that created her. She is thrown off world to prevent further corruption.
Word leaks out that other versions of Hell have begun connecting to Twisted’s Hell across the dimensions. It is soon realized that the term is more literal than figurative. Diablo tries to send messengers across the worlds to work out an agreement to offer safe passage for the citizens still in Hell to be freed before the dammed in the other versions of Hell can corrupt or kill them. Twisted’s Council refuses to discuss the matter.
Incorrectly assuming it is what the people of Twisted want, Concordance tries to use Diablo as a tool to make the citizens of Twisted worship her. Instead he creates a war between two dark gods and sets them against her. In the chaos that follows Johnny is drug into the mix earning him a seat on Hell's Council, his age and power now allowing him to create worlds at will. After the chaos literally spreads, the world begins to fall apart. Huge areas of Twisted are lost to the Wastelands as chaos spreads unchecked over the landscape. Concordance is destroyed and the Advent of Light takes ownership. He turns Gegoshi over to Diablo and leaves the setting up a new Council in the devil's hands.
Diablo's plan comes to it's conclusion as Samantha arrives and is shortly afterwards murdered by Tabitha. Johnny destroys himself in his subsequent depression by creating a new world to escape into. The new world becomes a mirror of Twisted, and thus tries instantly to merge with the original world itself. The two fuse together into a new unified, and finally stable world causing the timeline to change once again. Very few remain aware of the change as it completes itself. The second of the two banished twins are released in the process, with it being discovered that he has none of the powers of his sister and retreat into the shadows in shame.
Señior Diablo institutes a new plan to create an open forum in which all can sit as a part of Twisted's Council. Most people caught up in the fusion of the Twisteds are not only blind to the event, but have become a part of the history of the world as a side effect of it's connection to Chronos. Due to the new Council specifications, both Diablo and Gegoshi become the two most powerful beings on the world, fitting as they are unquestionably the two currently in charge of it. To ensure this an energy dampening barrier is constructed around Twisted City, reducing the abilities of all but those whom Diablo specifically appoints. All records prior to this point are sealed as Diablo rewrites the history of the new Unified Twisted which almost all citizens immediately begin to accept as the truth. Those that don't have their memories rewritten personally by Diablo himself. Despite this a few citizens manage to retain knowledge of the original timeline...

Unified Twisted History

Everything that happens past this point was recorded using the new calendar system implemented with the rewritten timeline. In other words, everything here occurs after the reboot of Twisted in 2011.

0 UT With the removal of the previous Council, it is decided to create a calendar to better keep track of events as none had officially been established. Based on the 365 day Earth Calendar all dates are retroactively renumbered DT (De-Unified Twisted) with all new subsequent years referred to as UT (Unified Twisted).

A new age of Twisted begins...

1 UT
  • Happosai manages to steal enough underwear from the women of Twisted to run a tournament for their return. Dante Sparda heroically saves the day and wins the tournament.
  • DBA officially connects to Twisted with an agreement between Cale Satanas and Señior Diablo.
  • Construction begins on a new T.A.S.K. Building to replace the one that was destroyed during the last major conflict.
  • Dante is named as the new Director of T.A.S.K. and placed in charge of its future operations.
  • Following the reappearance of the Guardian of Time, Setsuna Meioh, Dante vanishes leaving Kotal Kahn in charge of T.A.S.K.
  • Setsuna publicly announces her opposition to Diablo and talks begin towards creating a new Council for Twisted in secret.
  • The Goddess Emepheria surrenders her abilities to her daughter Setsuna, giving her the ability to stand up to Señior Diablo.
2 UT
  • The City of Neo-Edo officially opens after being connected to Twisted City via the Plowse Bridge.
  • Luna brings the 1,000 wives of Cale to Neo-Edo as refugees with many of them taking residence at the Akira Institute.
  • Señior Diablo is finally overthrown and replaced by Setsuna Meioh. A new Council of Twisted is forged. Records regarding Diablo's injustices are finally released in the aftermath.
  • Following the previous director's disappearance, Rayne Hurris is promoted to Director of TASK.
3 UT
  • After the appearance of Power, Twisted's Council begins work undoing Diablo's changes to Twisted.
  • Luna volunteers to become the first mayor of Neo-Edo.
  • The barrier around Twisted City is removed. With help from Nancy Dark, Luna has it installed around Neo-Edo.
  • The T.A.S.K. Building is relocated and the Town Hall is restored to the Arena.
  • Luna and Nancy begin moving unstable areas of Twisted City to Neo-Edo to protect them.
  • Satyrn Tarn starts the Church of Concordance.
  • Gegoshi steps down. Her duties and functions are transferred to a replacement Synth, Bishop 3.2
4 UT
  • Lady Setsuna steps down, leaving Bishop 3.2 in her place.
  • The Council mostly disbands due to the strain of not having Setsuna to lead them.
  • Bishop 3.2 organizes a new Council and completes work on a new Council Chamber.
  • In an attempt to undo the damage done to the portals outside the T.A.S.K. Building an incident occurs which seemingly destroys the world of Twisted. Everything under the Council Chambers is protected leaving a broken city amidst the chaos.
  • Work begins in trying to rebuild and expand the city by pulling in fragments found floating outside the protected city.
  • The remaining cityscape is rechristened Mabase.
  • Research by Yoiko Hax reveals that Twisted wasn't a hub for the multiverse, but a point where the layers between worlds is thinnest. This leads to new discoveries on traveling and communicating between realities.
  • T.A.S.K. is disbanded. The Mabase City Police Department is created in it's place, founded by Rayne Hurris.
5 UT

Current Year

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