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Crux Caedon
Full Name: Crux Caedon

Series: Original
Class: Advent
Threat Level: Cosmic Force
Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Human+
Age: 484
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 87 kg

Short Description: Silvery white hair, and vaguely asian features. Stands out, but isn't that impressive looking.

Crux Caedon
:No matter how you look at it, the man standing before you is not particularly impressive. With silvery white hair, hazel eyes, and refined, vaguely asian facial features, Crux Caedon might stand out in a crowd, but one would unlikely think twice of his presence. Dark circles under his eyes make him appear almost anemic, and appear to have set into his face permanently, if such a thing is possible. Dressed in a drab brown jacket that's seen a lot of use, and black slacks that look like they've seen a repair job or two, Crux's manner of dress doesn't exactly command respect either. His jacket hangs open, a plain white shirt worn underneath to cover his chest. Of course, looks are often deceiving, and one might suspect this to be the case with Crux Caedon, since something about him hints at more than just another face on the street. At his side hangs a long black cylindrical sheath, strangely locked around the hilt of what would appear to be a katana. Not exactly fitting with his style of dress, but then, his style of dress isn't exactly fitting with his identity, so it's nothing new. What is new, however, is the black wrap around his left hand, standing out in contrast to the fingerless glove on his right. Additionally, the magatama necklace with a green crystal set in it seems rather new. Updating his look? ... Not exactly a drastic change.
Crux Caedon
Primary Skills:


As an Advent, Crux has the somewhat limited ability to look and/or travel through space and time, going almost anywhere and anywhen he pleases. Additionally, the more flexible rules of physics, such as gravity, are fluid for him. These rules need not apply to him if he does not wish them to, and even the more inviolate rules of physics, such as two objects existing in the same space and time, are a bit more flexible for him than for most people. This ability alone caused many Advents of the past to categorize themselves as deities, and is responsible for the arrogance that contributed to their downfall.

Advent Domain: Light

Crux is the Advent of Light, and can create, manipulate, and read light in all its various forms. As such, he can be a very difficult enemy to fight for those who rely on their sense of sight, and is often able to 'see' much more than what is in front of his eyes.

In addition, he has the ability to convert his being into one of pure light, rendering him immaterial and incredibly difficult to harm. This ability allows him to pass through any objects that light may pass through, and his movement speed becomes roughly equivalent to the speed of light as well, though affecting the physical world becomes quite the chore.

Advent Talent: Portals

Crux's talent could be considered to be from both the Space and Time domains, and it is the ability to create portals from one location in space-time to another. Most Advents can do this with enough practice and effort, but Crux's mastery over portals is absolute, and even the Advent of Space was only able to compete with him in this area, not outshine him.

Because portals come so easily to him, they are Crux's most used ability, and are enough to make him a force to be reckoned with all on their own. He has shown virtually no limit to the distance in either time or space that he can join two portals, and has on more than one occasion opened a portal into the heart of a nearby star.

Advent Instinct: Human

Crux is the near pinnacle of mankind, with experience in almost every field imaginable. While he lived life as a doctor and a war veteran, Crux's other lives spanned virtually the entire gamut of human potential, and as such, while he is not quite as strong or bright as many other Advents, he is just plain good at everything. Except magic. Hey, noone's perfect.

Advent Artifact: Unknown (Lucern?)

Every Advent will construct an artifact of immense power some time before their death. Clever Advents will create artifacts that only they can use, but there are legends of such artifacts that even a simple mortal can wield effectively. It is unknown if Crux has created such an artifact, but it is almost certain that the sword he wields was created by an Advent of some variety or another. It was handed down through his wife's family for generations, but it was only when she died and he was the last of their family line that he realized the potential the blade had.

Forged in the heart of a star as it went nova, honed to the molecular edge, and granted the ability to consume the essence of whatever it struck, the blade known as Lucern was perhaps the greatest masterpiece of a sword ever forged. The blade was shattered in a fierce battle, but Crux doesn't like to talk about it. He still carries the hilt, along with the partial blade and many of its fragments. Given Advents' ability to time travel, it is entirely possible that Crux created the sword and gave it to his wife's ancestors, but he staunchly denies this when questioned about it.


Crux is one of the only two Advents to have gone through the Exaltation process. As a result of his attempts to escape throughout, he has only erratic control over both his Advent and Exalt abilities, with the latter being almost impossible to use without draining another Exalt of their own powers.

In the event that Crux is actually able to drain another Exalt of their strength, he is able to temporarily transform himself into a crystalline being, jet-black in color, with significantly enhanced durability and speed. This ability is so uncommonly used that noone alive can estimate the extent of the powers and abilities Crux has in this form, save that they are purely physical in nature.

Whilst in this form, Crux is unable to use his Advent abilities, save minor feats of his Domain. The cause of this is unknown.

Skill: Swordplay

Crux has mastered the swordplay of his wife's family, the Caedon Ryu single-sword style. Using it as a basis, he has created a newer version of the style that mixes in the clever use of light manipulation to make an opponent see multiple strikes where there is only one, or to hide a single strike from an opponent with a trick of the light.

Skill: Medicine

Spending a large part of his pre-awakening life as a doctor, Crux is well versed in medicine, and even knows a few mystical techniques that have not survived to modern day.

Flaw: Narcolepsy

During the early stages of his life as an Advent, Crux Caedon pushed himself much harder and further than any Advent should have. It is a wonder that he did not simply burn himself out, but he still falls asleep at random (often inconvenient) moments, almost as if paying off a sleep debt that borders on infinite. As an additional result, he always has dark circles under his eyes.

Flaw: Wordiness

Crux suffers from the classic super villain flaw, despite not considering himself a villain. He often has the chance to defeat an enemy, but what does he do? He starts monologuing!

Always going on about how wrong his enemies are, or how inevitable their defeat is, Crux's penchant for talking when he should be fighting developed somewhere around the same time that he realized he's really difficult to kill, and is rivaled only by his over-inflated ego.

Flaw: Overconfidence

While Crux is clever and powerful, he has a subconscious tendency to act as though he were nearly all powerful and all knowing. This doesn't quite reach the realm of arrogance, but it leads him to underestimate the dangers he faces, and is often interpreted as a powerful death wish on his part.

Weakness: Suicidal Tendencies

Killing Crux Caedon is a task that has been attempted by an ungodly number of people in his four or five centuries of life, and it has only ever been achieved once - by Crux himself. Whether it's dabbling in powers and struggles that are too far above his level to survive, or burning himself out because he just has to defeat an enemy no matter what, the easiest way to 'kill' Crux is to get him to do it for you. It is wise to be a good distance away at the time, though. Just to be safe.


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Crux Caedon was born during the 18th century in the highlands of Okinawa, in a shard of the multiverse significantly forked off from the main timeline. He was abandoned at birth by his mother, who sought to protect him from his father, the High Oracle Gensai. Raised in an orphanage, Crux grew up with several friends, and was an unusually well-adjusted child for an orphan.

After being drafted, and becoming a war hero of some repute, Crux settled down with a woman, took her surname for his own, and had a child. Their untimely deaths began his slow process of awakening to his role as the Advent of Light, and without anything to tie him to one place, he began to wander. He hasn't stopped since.

Crux disappeared at the breaking of Twisted, and to the best of anyone's knowledge, hasn't been seen since. Perhaps he died, though that seems tremendously unlikely.

Class: Advent

Crux is one of the six Advents that remains active in the multiverse, and he has all the powers afforded to him by that status. Each Advent has a domain that they are associated with, an aspect of reality that they exert anywhere from moderate to total control over. In addition to their domain, each Advent has a singular talent they are skilled in, usually independent of their main area of expertise. This can (and usually does) synergize with their domain quite well.

Advents are living beings that have existed in every possible variation of the multiverse. How such a thing is even possible is still a matter of much debate. The most widely held theory is that there are fixed points in time where something always occurs and always will, and that these fixed points invariably lead to the creation of an Advent. There are others who argue that there must be an entity guiding the whole of time for the purpose of creating these beings.

Whatever the cause, an Advent begins life as any other of whatever race it is born to. Through the course of their life, often during traumatic or cathartic events, an Advent begins to reel in other versions of itself, growing in both power and skill as entire other lifetimes worth of experience and strength flow into them. As they exist across a nigh infinite spectrum of realities, this usually ends up in an Advent being the ultimate example of their race at the time they lived.


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