2007-03-23 (PreU) Always be specific when ordering pt1

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Always be specific when ordering pt1

Summary: So, Tabitha leaves Nny's and heads to the UR. But is it really Tabitha? The scene ends with a "To Be Continued" but I found most of it entertaining. Then again, I'm biased when it's a scene I'm in.

Who: Crux, Glitch, Johnny_C, Tabitha, Xue
When: March 23rd, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Stepping into the UR with an odd smile on her face comes the form of Tabitha, the imitation of Samantha that Johnny had created. Tucked into a belt tied around her waist are two black-bladed daggers. She keeps one hand on them as she looks around, amusment covering her features, and makes her way to the bar. Hopping onto a barstool she grins, looks around, and demands, "Soda! Please!" She watches the waitress closely and chuckles softly as a drink gets brought to her. After taking a sip or two she scans the place over again, shrugs, and starts poking at her own tail. Someone's in an odd mood tonight.

The window of the UR crashes inwards, glass shattering everywhere as a multi-limbed creature that looks like a cross between a horse and a wolf hits the ground with a growling cry. Satyrn comes sailing in moments after, driving her fist into the main body of the creature, sending it down through the floorboards. The two of them disappear into the basement...well, the 10th sub basement of the UR, as resounding explosions occur for a few moments. "May your village prosper and never see the ashes." Satyrn's voice comes from the depth of the hole, followed by another explosion. The saiyan then comes floating up out of the hole, dusting herself off and holding a mirror in one hand, checking her hair. She pulls out a brush, getting it all back in place, then puts the mirror and brush away and sets down on the floor. Where is she? Oh, that nexus restaurant. She walks over to the bar and orders an Azelure Blue, giving a "Hey." In courtesy towards Samantha.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at the ruckus and watches Satyrn carefully as she makes her way to the bar. With a shrug she waves back, grinning suspiciously again before taking a sip of her drink. Slowly she turns around to inspect the hole in the floor. Her intrest peaked she walks over and stares down at the hole. "Y'know. As long as I've come here I never thought there might be something UNDER the place?" Grinning again, she kneals down, letting a drop from her drink drip down and laughing when it finally hits something down below. "Oooooh, I wanna go explorin'!" She turns back to Satyrn expectantly. It's not that she knows who she is, but she's the first person to catch her attention since she's shown up. "Hey! How about it?! Could be fun!"

Satyrn gets her blue drink and takes a drink of it, she turns around, her tail twitching as she rests her elbows back on the bar, watching Tabitha, because she's the only other person that isn't an NPC in the restaurant. "I probably shouldn't, I'm technically stll on duty for a few more hours. But, that fight should of taken a lot longer, I got distracted and ended it to quick." She sighs softly, and takes another drink, then moves from off the bar and looks down into the hole, "I didn't really look around, but it's just basement levels. It looked like a lot of storage facilities to me..."

Tabitha stares a moment, blinks, and goes wide eyed. "You ended it TOO SOON? Wait, so your saying you job is to kill people? Y'know, like seeing them die? And you can be violent and everything???" Even her ears seem to perk up at that. "So... can you like, go kill -anybody- or just certain people? I mean, if your free to go after anyone - sign me up now!" Smilling a little too happily she makes her way back to her seat, but sits so she can look between the hole and Satyrn. The concept of lower levels is just too intresting to ignore.

Satyrn shakes her head back and forth, "No, no, no. I didn't kill the Scrim, I knocked it out and teleported it to a holding cell until The Council can deal with it. It was Mal-Traveling. Normally, the Scrim are really though fighters, lots of stamina, this one was weak though." She takes another drink. "I try not to kill people, if I can help it. It's happened in the past though, did a move wrong, or it was too heated and I had no choice, The Council trusts me enough that they don't question me about it anymore, though." She huffs slightly, "Not that I can go after every target, some of them are too Nexus and all that." She shrugs her shoulders once and walks back over to the bar. "My name's Satyrn Tarn."

Tabitha's face seems to drop when she admits to not killing anything, but she listens on anyways and nods appropriatly. After taking another drink she starts to introduce herself. "Yeah, I'm J-!" She stops abruptly, blushes, and shakes her head. "Uh... Tabitha. Sorry. It's been an odd week." After that she goes strangley quiet. After focusing on the infinite mysteries of the woodgrain on the bar, she gulps the last of her drink and sighs. "So what's a Mal-Traveling? Do you go out and hunt those bastards who open malls? Like those annoying stuck-up celebrities? God, I hate them. Always looking down on everyone like they're so fucking self righteous..." Tabitha blinks again and drops her head. One of her hands absently goes to the daggers at her side and readjusts them. "I need another drink, please? Can you make it cherry-something? Pleeeeease?" A smirk starts to form on the side of her mouth again as she tilts back to facing Satyrn. Very strange.

Satyrn catches the name deal. Fake name. Definate. Happens all the time with the people she deals with. Whatever. She's used to people giving fake names to Task members, afterall. "Mal-Travelers. People that cross dimensions, they don't stay in their home one and go through unlabeled portals or portals in red." She takes another drink, almost done with the whole glass now. "It's illegal to do on Twisted. Contaminates the dimensions." o O ( So they say. I really hope they review that Cronos world. There were four Mal-Travelers there, if thats not coontaimnated...maybe I should ask Myra, but he's probably fawning on Harpanic again. ) "So, when people do it, I go put them back, and if they do it again, they're imprisoned for an indefinite period of time." She finishes off the drink, and smiles at Tabitha, "It was nice meeting you, but I should get back to work, even if I finished this one early. May your village prosper and your eyes see water." She says, tiptting her glass at the girl before setting it down and moving to head out.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow as she listens to Satyrn's speach, only looking away to take a drink from her refilled glass. "Oh? Leaving? Yeah... nice meetin' ya too. Hopefully we'll meet again. Maybe I'll go hop into a portal or somethin'. Give ya something to do." She grins happily as she says this making it hard to guess if she's serious or not. "If they ever decide to look the other way about killing, you better let me know. I could use the distraction!" Another drink from the glass and she mumbles under her breath, "...not that I don't need to be getting back to work myself." Tabitha sighs, looking down at herself again and then smirks, "Eh, I got time. Anyways! I'll be here! Come back if you don't have anythin' better ta do! SOMEONE needs to go explorin' with me after all..."

Sitting at the bar, her tail swishing around behind her happily, rests the form of Tabitha. The catgirl is drinking heavily, uh. Drinking soda heavily. Almost faster than the waitstaff can refill it. Her eyes seem to be a little red. Maybe she's drunk. This place is rather weird after all. Reaching up she suddenly tugs at one of her ears and laughs. "See? SEE! It's funny?" The waitstaff are starting to look a bit worried...

The inside of the room slowly lowers in temperature, and a small amount of fogging occurs on the windows....

The door flies open with a loud crash, and Glitch comes flying in head first, flailing like a maniac. Fortunatly he's wearing his cycle helmet so when his head collides with the bar it doesn't seem to bad. He flips over the bar, due to the collision and hits the back wall with a nice resounding thwack.

Tabitha jumps slightly at the crash, stands, and leans over the bartop at Glitch. Instead of commenting she takes another drink. "That had to suck!" Grinning the girl sits back down, ignoring the world again. Well, not quite. She's tugging at her ears again and giggling. She pauses again, stands and grins at Glitch again. "Oooh, oooh! You should like, get me another soda while your back there!"

Crux strolls into the Usual, looking rather whole and awake. He rubs his shoulder idly, glad he got rid of those wings. They weren't flattering, not that wings are his style anyways, and he's definately not feeling very angelic lately, after his little run-in with NNY's daggers. Thankfully, he got to work his aggressions off on some poor jerks in whatever world those fairies spirited him away to. He takes a seat at the bar, glancing around. He'd recognize Tabitha if he'd ever met Sammy, or if his attention had been on anything other than NNY and his daggers the other night. He'll probably recognize her thanks to his perfect memory, if he gets a good look, but he's not really doing his "second eye" thing right now, so he just orders a bottled water. He's not quite sure he wants to ask what's going on.

Glitch slides to the floor with another thud and just kinda lays motionless, except for the occasional twitch. He doesn't seem to mind being in a heap, even with his arm bent in a position most would assume.. unnatural.

Xue trudges through the doors, the temperature dropping even more as she does so, causing all the windows to fog over and cover in ice crystals. She doesn't look the best. Healed-over, but recent, cuts can be seen on casual glance, one across her eye from forhead to cheek, although the attack appearently missed the eyeball itself, another along the side of her torso, and finally a third along her lower left leg, hence why shes trudging slowly and not walking. Her hair's a mess, and her expression is one of annoyance more than anything else. Her target: the nearest booth, where she hastily takes a seat (Goddesses, this place is insane. Civilization at last.... )

Tabitha spins around on her chair and waves as people walk in, but quite literaly continues spinning in the same direction once or twice until she stops herself and giggles more. Taking a deep breath she shakes her head and laughs. "Oh god... something's not right. I'm enjoying this too much." Another deep gulp and the glass is empty. "Ok, so what the hell is in this? I know I asked for cherry-something but cherry what?" The waiter nearest her picks up a bottle and sits it infront of the girl. She stares at the letters, finding them blurry. "Uhhh... this isn't soda is it?" Her head hits the bar and she glares up at the waiter. "Ooooooh, your a bastard!" The waiter blinks and tells her it has soda -in- it. "...your still a bastard."

Crux raises an eyebrow as everyone except the catgirl (including himself) seems to have suffered some kind of fresh wound, though in Crux's case, the worst one was never visible to begin with. He's fine now. Xue looks like she's seen better days. Glitch ... could probably use some help. Crux sighs and hops over the bar before his water gets to him, and reaches out to place a glowing white hand on Glitch if he gets the chance, intent letting the healing energy do its work. "... That looks uncomfortable." He glances at the catgirl with a raised eyebrow. "... Should probably check the label before you take a drink."

Glitch sits up after the help from Crux. He rotates his arm slightly, looking at it. "Mm.. thanks. I always hate popping things back in the socket." He says that with such blandness it'd be hard to consider it a joke. He stands slowly, and looks around the room, reaches behind him and grabs some bottle from the bar's supply. Not even checking what it is, just muttering to a waiter, "I'll take this."

Xue's body slowly starts to coat with ice, and after a moment, is completely covered. The temp drops one last time, to the point one's breath can be seen visibly, and the booth shes sitting on to some extent, as well as the table before her, also form a layer of ice in the process. Blue light begins to eminate softly from the booth shes in.

Tabitha points rather angrily at Crux's blurry form and shakes her head. "It's not my fault! He's tryin' ta drunken me. I think..." She pauses and mouths the new word again. "I only asked for a soda. A cherry soda..." The waiter cuts in explaining that she asked for 'cherry something' the second time. "Quiet yooooou! I know what I didn't say..." Abruptly she shivers violently and twitches her ears as Xue drops the temperature. She glances over her shoulder and upon seeing the ice she places a hand on the two black daggers tucked into the belt around her waist. "Could someone turn the heat on or somethings?" She blinks and laughs, "Somethings..."

Crux cricks his neck and keeps an eyebrow raised as Glitch follows Tabitha's suit, getting a drink without looking to see what it is first. Must not be worried about how drunk he gets... or maybe doesn't get drunk. Or just doesn't care in general. His stare falls on Xue. He's seen her before. She was ... ... looking for that Samantha girl.... He idly remembers something about that twitching at the edge of his mind, and thumbs back through his memories. "... Huh. You're not gonna make it much colder, are you? I get uncomfortable when the liquids in my body stop being liquid, you understand." He glances at Tabitha again. So drunk. So very drunk. So ... hmm. Familiar. He'll have to keep paging through those memories, they're distorted by how close he came to an ultimate end, ceasing to exist.

Glitch snaps the cap off the bottle with his thumb as he walks out from behind the bar. He brings the bottle to his lips and takes a nice big swig, followed by a slight shiver. "Mm.. good stuff." He looks over at Xue, staring at the ice, suddenly going very tense. "Umm.. that normal? I mean.." He looks at the bottle of liquor, and takes another swig. "Nevermind."

The light fades, and the rest of the room begins to warm up again, except that single booth, which remains frozen over.

Tabitha begins to stare at Crux trying to see through the fogged eyes she has. "Waaaaait. HAH! It is you! Awesome!" She grins and laughs, "No, no wait. Y'see, I didn't ask for to be drunk. N'stuff. That takes the fun out of it!" The catgirl blinks and lowers her head. "Oh god... what the fuck, man? Not cool." The girl pauses to take a deep breath and then sighs. "Ok, so can I get just a regular soda now, please? 'Cause I really don't wanna drink anymore. But I'm thirsty... stupid random bottles. Your lucky I'm too lazy to find another place to go to..."

Crux just stares for a moment. Glitch and Xue aren't anything new, not after spending years in NT, and especially not after his recent trip to the seat of the ancient Advents' civilization. That was especially odd. But still, it seems this restaurant never attracts normal people, and after he spent the last time in here getting assaulted repeatedly until he almost died, he gets a little irritable. He decides to stare at Tabitha, though he's half tempted to poke Xue. After all, freezing solid certainly doesn't seem RESTORATIVE to Crux. At any rate, he just eyes Tabitha as she speaks to him. ".... Hmmm? Me? Yes, I am indeed myself." But he doesn't know Tabitha, so he opens his second set of eyes, his normal hazel orbs glowing gold for a moment. His memory kick starts, and he remembers what he saw about Sun and 'Samantha' in Johnny's temporal trail the other day, and then glances at Tabitha, deciding to see what he can see there. Only he can't seem to focus on anything but Johnny's temporal trail, even when he's staring Tabitha down. "... ..." He continues to stare, waiting for the trail in his memory to separate from the trail in front of him. "... Any time now."

Glitch sits in a stool, still chugging down the liquor. "One raw egg, tabasco, black pepper, and a bit of water to get it drinkable. That'll snap her out of it. The drunk one, not the human popscicle..." He brings one glove up to his mouth. "Note to self, research entities who heal in ice."

Xue is encased in ice for about 10 minutes, before it abruptly cracks, and falls apart, the pieces melting rapidly into water, before dissolving into harmless steam that disappears into the rafters. Her wounds are gone, and she looks like someone whos just awoken from a good 6 hours of sleep "MUCH better...."

Tabitha yanks her glass from the waiter and gulps it. Mid-gulp she glances at Crux and stares. After nearly choking she puts her glass down and stares at the doctor. "Uhhhhh.... what? What is it?" She sweatdrops heavily enough that her ears droop along with it. Even her tails stops swishing. She looks down at herself, smirks and contiues staring back again. "Ahh, com'on! I'm Tabitha, n'stuff! Everyone knows that by now! Like, uhhh... Nny made me and stuff. Yeah!" She wobbles on her chair, starts to speak, then takes another gulp. "So, uh... how's it going??" Grin.

Still staring at Tabitha, Crux only vaguely notes Xue's departure from the ice. "Uh.." He shakes his head. Tabitha? ... Must be that Samantha clone. Yes, that makes sense. He's not sure where the name came from, but that's alright. "Er." He still can't get Tabitha's temporal trail to reveal itself, or rather he can't seem not to see Johnny's. It's like trying to get your eyes out of focus so you can see a stereogram, but it's not working. "Tabitha, you say?" He shakes his head again, glancing at the daggers, and he remembers the few moments before he passed out. What happened? ... Devi ... was fighting with Sun. Hmm. Probably would've been nice if he'd stopped them.... Sun surrounded S--... Tabitha... in a concrete sphere.... nice trick. Need to learn that one... and ... then... Devi killed her anyways? ... ... "... Huh. I didn't know you were immortal. Neat."

Glitch stares at the bottle for a breif moment and just chugs the rest of the bottle in a few seconds and slams it down on the bar. "Damn.. only slightly tipsy." He looks around the bar real fast, one might even call him jumpy. He takes note of Xue being out of the ice, and simply narrows his eyes at her. He's seen this one before, his mind comes to magic and he narrows his eyes even further, looking perhaps slightly murderous, or at least insane.

Xue stands up from the booth, missing the glare from Glitch, cause she spies Tabitha. Her face goes pale *no, it wasnt before, despite the cold*, and she looks shocked to say the least. (I'm still seeing things.... guess even a rejuvination won't replace good old-fashioned sleep.... ) she hurries through the kitchen door towards the kitchen doors, and the back rooms Cale told her she could use, not sparing another glance at anyone

Tabitha blinkblinks at Crux and sweatdrops heavily again. "I... uh... Oh, yeah. No. I just... uh, JOHNNY just remade me, yeah. Good ol' Nny. Heh." She frowns, staring down at the floor. Before she realises it her eyes gloss over and she's forced to look up and blink away the fog. "Damnit. Shit. Y'er being weird, Crux. What'd? I forget to meet ya or something?" She stares at him, straining her eyes. "I... I'm not making much sense am I? Shit. Yer no fun."

Glitch stands up, glaring after the departing Xue. "Need to..." He mutters the rest under his breath, heading out the door where the sound of a starting motorcycle can be heard.

Crux notes Xue's leaving on the vague ends of his perception, and turn his head to look at Glitch as the man departs. "Eh?" Sure enough, when Crux turns his head to glance at Glitch head-on, he can see the temporal trail behind the man, though it's out of focus with how hard he was trying to pull back and see Tabitha's. It's the whole thing, and it's a giant blur. He can't make heads or tails of it in the few seconds before the man's out the door, but at least he's got it. He turns to look back at Tabitha, now that he seems to have gotten his head out of Johnny's temporal trail... and ends up straight back in it. "... Ngh. I'm sorry. You're confusing me." He scratches his head, giving one of those super sincere smiles. That aren't sincere, but noone cna tell that, usually. "You've been sleeping with Johnny or something. I thought that was Vashtearnia's job. Besides, aren't you taken already?" He shakes his head again, trying to get the confusion out of it. He's never met anyone he can't track before. It's unnerving.

Tabitha starts to laugh at the comment about Johnny but then habitualy blurts out, "I'M NOT SLEEPING WITH VASHTEARNIA!" Looooong pause. Fake cough. "Sorry... I uh... I mean he uh... Y'see, Johnny he um, I'm made from HIS memories of Samantha and stuff. So, y'see." Her ears droop. oO(Oh god. Stupid alchohol...) The girl literally kicks herself and turns towards the bar resuming drinking her soda. "You ask too many questions. Where the fuck've you been lately anyways? Stupid figments..."

Crux just stares at Tabitha, his eyes dying back down to a hazel again. "... Uh... huh." He leans over and gives her a rather normal stare. "... So what, did Johnny's personality get lost up in those memories somewhere too? Eesh. You're a piece of work." He sighs and reaches over for the bottle of water that's only now sliding towards him. Can't find good help these days. "I don't know, last I saw of you, you got vaped by Devi, and Johnny had some kind of spill. Something about those daggers." He glances at Tabitha's daggers, idly. "... You should probably get rid of them."

Tabitha clutches the daggers so quickly upon mentioning of them that her drink nearly spills on the floor. "Get off my daggers, Crux." Of course, she thinks she's already blown her own cover. Why bother hiding anymore? "...and yeah, tried to ressurect her. She doesn't shut up, y'know. This is failed attempt number one. Last time she was a shadow. I could control her. Now I'm supposed to make her a body. Do ya know how hard that is? I mean, fuuuuck...." She bangs her head on the countertop rather loudly. Infact, loudly enough that soon she utters a low "Owwwwwww." Rolling her head to look at Crux without sitting back up, her expression drops further than it was before. "Ooooh, I just screwed up didn't I? You hadn't figured it out yet? ...fuck."

Crux just blinks at Tabitha for a few moments, still staring. "... ... Uh... heh." He gives a more sincere smile, staring at the catgirl. "... ... I'm not touching your daggers." He just holds his hands up in peace. "Why don't you just... find an alternate reality where she never died?" Easier said than done. An alternate reality where Meilin and Terry Bogard got together and had a daughter, who then was kidnapped, found her way to MU, and didn't die? ... Yeah, that's actually impossible. But heck, you never know until you try. "... Or ... you know... not."

"Wait, what?" Tabitha blinkblinks. "Where the clone didn't die? But she still wouldn't have a body, and I'd still have to listen to her bitch." Her eyes go wide a second and then close forcebly. "Shutup!! C'mon!" Resting an elbow on the bar she props her head up in her hand. "Oy. C'mon, already. Bad enough I've picked up on how ya talk already. Fuck." The catgirl catches Crux's sleave and tugs on it. "You gotta help me. How the hell do I turn a shadow into a living thing? Leave it up to me and I'll run outta walls to stab..." With a sigh she releases his sleave and grabs her drink off the bar. "That's part of the reason I opted to show up here. I thought relaxing might make it easier." She turns enough to glare at the waiter, "DIDN'T THINK I'D BE GETTING DRUNK!" He's starting to look a bit sorroful for all this. With the reputations around here it'll be a miracle if he works here tomorow...

Frowning, Crux leans over real close, staring straight into Tabitha's eyes, and way too close for comfort. "You want to create life? Sorry, that's Locke's department, not mine." He stares for a moment longer, then leans back into a normal, more comfortable distance. "Why do you need to ressurect a shadow clone anyways? Isn't the real thing a better deal?" He stretches, yawning a little. "I mean, I'm no oracle, but I'm sure I could help you find the original, if she's somewhere to be found." ... Kinda cold, but a fair point.

Tabitha stares. "...other than the fact that she's already BEEN found. Samantha's sleeping somewhere in Sun's grasp and she's being a bitch about the whole thing. Something evil's inside her and just being near her super-charges my daggers. But, yeah, back on topic. After I made 'Tabitha' she ended up with her own personality thanks to my views on Sammy and whatever the fuck Sun did with her." Suddenly she closes her eyes and grits her teeth. "Yeah, I know. Shut up..." She exhales deeply and looks back to Crux a bit more friendlier. "So now that she's gone so far as to name herself, Sun wants her to be real. I was gonna let her live as a shadow like we where doing but then Devi went and blew her away." She grins, "...and DAMN was that cool!" Her face becomes a grimace and she growls. "...I don't care! It was STILL cool." She sighs and takes another drink of her soda. "So, like since then she's been stuck in my head - probably since I made her in the first place. I want'er out. She's getting on my nerves... I'd just make another shadow of her but Sun's gettin' all demanding and she took Sammy's body. Said she won't turn it over till I get it right."

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