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Tabitha Li-Bogard
Full Name: Tabitha Li-Bogard (tah'bi'tha)
Alias: Tabby

Series: Original

Threat Level: Block Buster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Nekojin

Short Description: The adopted shadow clone of her 'sister' Samantha Li-Bogard and former member of Twisted's Council. Created to corrupt and torment the woman who acted as her mother, driven to madness by her own creator, and mentally abused by the Devil himself Tabitha is trying in vain to accept her place in life and carve out a better one for herself.

Tabitha Li-Bogard
Age: 7 Birthdate: March 29th, 2007
Height: 4'10" (122cm) Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)

A silver haired cat-girl wearing a red short coat, tan pants and gloves, Tabitha Li-Bogard isn't the most intimidating figure to encounter. Physically she looks about 14 years old by human standards but the experience in her deep emerald eyes is far greater. Despite her actual age only being about half that of her appearance, the young girl's life has been full of physical and mental trauma and those scars run deep. Even on her laziest day she keeps weapons and equipment always at her side trying to be ready for whatever may come. The most prominent of this being a black-bladed dagger that stays forever sheathed at her hip. People who are attuned to such things will notice quickly that there is a great darkness emanating from that blade which seems to continuously attract the darkest of emotions like a sponge.

Where to begin listing Tabitha's flaws? She was created fully grown to be a doppelganger for the person she now calls her sister complete with clouded memories of her from the perspective of the homicidal maniac which brought Tabitha to life. Despite her attempts to be her own person and have her own memories, the cat-girl has been a target for people wanting to abuse her relatively blank slate forcing her to accept memories of false realities to corrupt her into doing their bidding. This eventually fractured her mind into separate personalities each remembering pieces of the whole. While she has come to grips with these fragments of herself she sometimes channels them unconsciously causing her to behave completely out of character until she regains control. Under extreme stress she may even swap out with those personas for better or for worse. Made even more complicated by the fact they know how to use her abilities to change her physical appearance to match how they view themselves.

Tabitha is also extremely defensive about being her own person and experiencing things for herself due to her false memories. She is also very prone to fall into a subservient or even child-like mode around certain people due to her desire to have experienced her own childhood. One of her personalities is a direct manifestation of this and goes by the name Newt.

Further information: Personalities in Tabitha

While again, Tabitha has come to grips with these aspects of herself and has mostly reintegrated with them she can be very defensive about this side of herself causing her to escalate situations which could have been easily avoided otherwise. There is also something of a dark, demonic presence inside her that she doesn't know much about but the fact it worries even the Devil himself makes it a lasting concern for her.

Tabitha Li-Bogard


Originally Tabitha was created by Johnny C as a means of controlling Sun abusing the image of Samantha Li-Bogard.[1] After the puppet began to think for itself and was granted her own name, thanks to Devi,[2] she was given a proper body in an exchange of power between Johnny and Sun inside the Usual Restaurant. [3] Due to the influences of her "parents"[4] she quickly became extremely powerful[5] and drew the attention of several of Twisted's Powers including Señor Diablo and Oblivion. [6] Eventually making a pact with the later,[7] Tabitha's body was regressed to that of a small child and proceeded to try and live a "normal" life with her mother.[8] [9]

This new life was short lived as Johnny physically threw her off of Twisted in a fit of rage and sealed her away with only one of his Dread Daggers for protection.[10] This was the last time she was seen in over a year.

Eventually Samantha coerced Johnny to go and look for the girl[11] and together they brought her back to Twisted, only to discover that a combination of her time alone and the influence of the dagger had driven her over the edge[12]. In a carefully concealed attack she murdered Samantha in cold blood, finally bringing an end to the woman's story. [13]

Fabricated Origins

Following in the footsteps of her grandmother Samantha, Tabitha wanted to become an explorer spending most of her early childhood trying to ready herself to do just that. But despite over seven years of training all she managed to discover on her own was the truth about her hero - she didn't discover the gateway to Hell in the Wastelands on purpose or even by intent. She was a mercenary taking random jobs and found it completely at random. In fact, the nekojin senior had been paid to play bodyguard for a half-demon murderer who resided in the Wastelands and protect him from people who where trying to kill him.[14] After a one-night stand she not only slept with him, but robbed him blind and killed him herself to collect on the bounty the other group had placed on his head.

Upset over the shame she'd descended from and the lies she was raised believing, and further more convinced that it was a secret kept only from her about public knowledge that everyone on Twisted knew about, Tabitha went into seclusion wanting to hide from the world and more importantly from all the people she'd defended her ancestor's memory from so violently over the years. It was then that she was found by Señor Diablo and recruited to make a name for herself as his apprentice.[15] He'd told her it was because he couldn't stand seeing anyone so distraught over something he called 'trivial' but assured her that she'd be able to not only raise herself to a better place in society but to also bring justice to her family name.

Unfortunately for her the entire story was fabricated by Señor Diablo from start to finish just to make her loyal to him. In reality she was the same Tabitha who existed before the reboot of Twisted. Possibly with Gegoshi's assistance, Diablo buried her real memories and replaced them all with what he felt she needed to be what he wanted - an obedient servant with potential access the same sorts of abilities as the two who created her in the first place.


At the request of Señor Diablo, Tabitha was set to be trained by Caliga Satanas.[16] However, due to events that occurred during the first day of training,[17] Tabitha found herself so dramatically traumatized[18] that versions of herself began to manifest within her[19] in the form of multiple personalities with each personality representing a different aspect of her now convoluted past. Thanks to the efforts of Xue Qian, the girl became aware of that past and glimpsed briefly at the person she was prior to Diablo's influence[20]. While still struggling to understand the details of what the devil had done to her, she at least could begin to accept what had happened to her[21]. Even though to that end she vanished from the public eye until she could fully come to grips with who she's become.[22]

Twisting the rules a little, Tabitha was briefly granted the ability to live outside of normal time with Samantha during her last moments by Lady Setsuna.[23] There she learned of Samantha's abilities and began the work of actually mastering her own, eventually viewing her own biological template as a sister instead of a grandparent. Since then Tabitha seems to have (mostly) come to grip with her other personalities. Possibly because of this she was also recruited for the new Council of Twisted by Caliga to serve guidance to Setsuna.[24] Of course, she wasn't actually informed of any of this.[25]

Her duties on Twisted's Council where short lived when the Twisted Street became shattered and in the ensuing chaos one of her closest friends, Dante Sparda, went missing and was presumed dead. In the grief that followed she abandoned her position on the Council and began staying at Dante's Devil May Cry offices, eventually deciding to keep it in running order until he could come back and reclaim it.[26] As of late she's heavily considered reopening its doors and taking clients, even though each month an envelope has arrived containing more than enough money to pay any bills that need to be paid and still have a considerable amount left over for herself. Her only clue to the identity of the mysterious benefactor being the letter V signed onto each envelope....


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Tabitha Li-Bogard
Tabitha was created with the ability to control create and manipulate fire from her mind, a gift from her half-dragon 'mother' (and not one she can control to any useful extent). From her 'father' she gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the human body and a skillful hand at using bladed weapons, not to mention expert knowledge of how to use the demonically forged, black-bladed, Dread Dagger which facilitated her own creation giving her a wealth of shadow magic to pull from.

Thanks to training with her 'sister' Samantha she's learned a great deal about physical combat as well as the ability to use her shadow magic as a form of ki allowing her to deal a large amount of damage in a fight and enhance her already impressive natural abilities. While not the greatest fighter yet, she at least has the potential to be something far greater than the puppet she was originally created to be.


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