2007-02-15 (PreU) Vanishing act. Sun joins the fun.

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Vanishing act. Sun joins the fun.

Summary: Sun catches Devi and Johnny before they can sneak off and gives her answer to his proposition. Now if the intended player for this arriving character would make good on his threat to join us this would be alot more entertaining...

Who: Devi, Johnny_C, Sun, Tabitha
When: February 15th, 2007
Where: City Ruins - North(#2013R)

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City Ruins - North(#2013R)

As in all cities, some live better than others. Here amidst the city ruins you find a large residential area with several streets that run further into the distance. Either the damage done here was less than the rest of the area, or some repair work has been done in and around here as the buildings here are in much better condition than the damaged ruins to the South. Infact, only the occasional shell of a burned out vehicle seem to remind you that this isn't a healthy metropolis teaming with life. Well, that and the overall lack of people.

Johnny stares at her blankley for a moment or two. Then he turns away to scan the area around them. "...honestly? I'm not sure. I just know when your near I feel.... connected. My mind seems to work. I can talk about things I've gone through and you understand what I'm saying instead of writing me off like a loonatic. You seem to know that I'm not as crazy as everyone believes. Like a kindred spirit almost. I haven't felt that connected to someone since..." Trailing off he bites his lip. Instinctivly his Dread Dagger is drawn with the sound of scraping metal. "...since Sammy." He clutches the dagger tightly and pierces his leg with the topmost tip of it. Growling he withdraws the blade, a single drop of red taints it. "I could fight through hell itself with her and not look back. I feel that way when I'm with you. I want you to help me, because if you don't I think I'm going to go off the deep end and never come back. I've almost been there once already. I don't want to do that again..."

The night air gentlely sweeps across the City Ruins, light from the moon casting odd shadows from the buildings. Devi takes all this in, the smells, the sounds and the feeling. She considers this, the quiet peace, then considers Nny words. She really has to think about how he feels right now, after all he's been through and how old he feels and how she would feel if it were her. Squatting down again, she extends her pointer finger and lets a very small stream loose, pulling the energy and basically carving a sideways 8 into the ground. After she's made her mark, she rises and stands by Johnny, looking at him eye to eye. Her eyes are filled with sorrow for what he's had to go through and she trys to smile, failing miserably. She nods and looks out on the City Ruins again. "Alright then Nny, I'll do whatever I can to help, to all ends then."

Johnny nodding at her words a grin forms on his face. It slowly widens until his infamous wicked smile spreads nearly from ear to ear. "Excelent! Wonderful! This world and whatever the fuck is beyond it won't stand a chance against the two of us! ...but since I have no idea what we should do next besides buying our time... let's go celebrate!" With each word the sarcasm seems to grow heavier and heavier. But the point is still valid. There isn't much they can do at the moment. His smile fading he shrugs, "So? Seriously? Can I buy you a drink? It's not like there's anything else we can do at this hour." Sighing he adds under his breath, "I hate how boring this place is..."

Depressed, wretched, completely pitiful...but Sun is on a mission. While she looks completely miserable, there's also a strange look of dogged determination shining behind the dullness in her eyes. The dragoness trudges along, posture slightly slumped, tail dragging along the ground, wings drooped; every bit of her body language suggests she's given up. But those dull eyes still have a certain sharpness to them still, and they easily capture Johnny and Devi within their gaze. Her eyebrows lower, and she picks up her tired pace, headed straight towards the two, a refreshed look appearing on her face...though she's still not the same Sun that she used to be. Not a word is spoken yet, as the dragoness closes the distance between herself and the couple...

Johnny doesn't notice Sun at first. In the past day he's been abusing his powers with little or nothing to show for it and to the trained eye it's obvious. His eyes are more sunken than usual. His skin a little more sickly pail. Infact, even his eyes seem duller than usual. He laughs at Devi's words and shakes his head. "Yeah, this place is too boring not to liven it up. I can't stand dull dreams." Crossing his arms behind his back he guestures for Devi to lead the way with a nod of his head.

Devi chuckles and shoves her hands into her pockets, her boots making a clumking noise as she walks on. Her eyes are a little brighter now, but those who don't know her would most likly assume she's almost angry. Stopping short, she peers at Sun as she trudges along. Turning her head, Devi asks, "Hey fearless leader, someone you know?" Devi points as she asks, she figures Nny knows almost everyone is this god-forsaken place and Sun might be along one he wants to deal with.

As the distance is closed, Sun comes to a stop, watching 'Nny in silence for a long moment. Her eyes are sunken in a bit more than normal, as well, though it doesn't come from abusing her abilities, it comes from lack of sleep. For a long moment, all she does is stare...and it's kinda creepy. Finally, she speaks, her voice low and a bit more gravelly than normal. "...I want Sammy. I..." She closes her eyes, lowering her head. "...I accept your offer, 'Nny...false hope and dreams are far better than the reality of this thing I've been calling a life for nearly two years..." She doesn't waste any time, now, does she?

Johnny spins around as the newcomer is mentioned and a glare forms as he makes recognition. He doesn't speak, he doesn't even breath until she finally says something. Of course, what she says forces a widening grin on his face. "Ahhhh. More reasons to celebrate, eh Devi? This is Sun. Sun, this is Devi. Remember when you where supposed to awaken me? That's when I realised that this was a dream. This world doesn't want us to awaken. It's unfair. It's stupid. It throws us all together and makes us suffer as we're forbidden what we really want. Sun here wants her lover back. Stolen from her as part of the pact that sent me to isolation..." He draws his Dread Dagger and closes his eyes. Suddenly his form becomes transparent and the dagger drops to the ground. Johnny stares and screams profanities at his weapon - his body becoming more solid in the process. "THIS FUCKING WORLD ISN'T GOING TO STOP ME! DO YOU HEAR ME?? I WILL TAKE THIS FUCKING HELL APART AND FIND THE TRUTH!" Snatching up his dagger he closes his eyes, his form turning black this time like it should have. "...I have GOT to get my other dagger back from fucking Magus..."

Sun watches silently, her expression showing nothing. In fact, her eyes hood as 'Nny becomes transparent...and they nearly close as he begins to scream. "We have a deal. I will do what you told me to do...I want Sammy back. Now, if you could...I don't care if she's not real." The corners of her lips turn up in a weak, sad smile. "This is all a dream, anyhow, like you said...so if I'm going to be trapped in it, I'm at least going to be happy with it." Her eyes close, and she straightens, tilting her head to one side, causing her neck to pop a few times.

Devi tilts her head, hand moving back to her pocket as she leans back on her heels, a quick twitch to the left sends her neck cracking. Thin lips pursing, she stuides Nny as he goes through this transition. "Johnny, I didn't go to sleep. This isn't a dream you know.", she murmurs to herself. She's a secondary expert at not sleeping for a few days on end, second to Nny that is. Shrugging, she figures he'll relize that sooner or later, as she fully expects to feel his dagger in her back sooner or later. Brushing back her hair, she watches the two and their exchange, saying nothing.

Johnny's grin returns at Sun's words. He doesn't even hear Devi as he focuses on what he hopes to be the most elaborate 'puppet' he's yet created. Twirling his dagger he starts to stab the wall of the building beside him. With each stab the blade sparks and the brick chips away. After the fourth chip something starts to change. The brick seems damp beneath itself. With the sixth strike the dampness begins to run... with... this is blood? With the hellish smile on his face he jabs the dagger in, letting it somehow sink to it's hilt. Twisting it he yanks the blade free sending a spray of blood into the night air. Twirling it once more he laughs at Sun. "Now then... let's see here." The flow of blood is pretty steady now and as it hits the ground and pools it begins to run towards the maniac. Hitting his shadow it begins to drip... somehow his shadow seems to have become a hole in the Earth that Johnny floats overtop of. From it a clawing sound is heard. It gets louder and louder until...

A pail hand reaches out of the hole and grips the street tightly. Soon another follows. The two pull themselves up and the face of a cat-like girl emerges from the pit. With a roll of her eyes she scoffs, "Tsk, Nny? Did'ja have to be so elaborate?" Johnny chuckles at her behind glowing red eyes. "Don't worry, it'll become easier once I get stronger..."

Devi squats hugging her knees as she watches Nny show off. He was always a performer at heart, she thinks. She makes an impressed noise at the Sammy puppet and rises, walking over to her, peering this way and that, she touches the cat-girls ears, feeling her hair and lastly, pressing on her nose slightly as she inspects. "Damn Nny, that's a good illusion. You'd make an ass-load back home with this." She nods, impressed for the most part as she steps back to let Sun at her former lover.

Sun watches silently as 'Nny performs this elaborate trick...finally, as the Sammy clone rises from the ground, her face begins to show emotion, her features softening...then, a small smile comes across her face as Samantha-clone speaks. "...Perfect..." she slowly steps towards the clone, reaching her hand out. The first thing she does is run her fingers through the girl's black hair, before cupping her cheek. "...You just made my dreams come true...for this, I...I will kill for you, 'Nny." She nods slowly, her hand slipping from the girl's cheek down to her hip. "Sam..."

Samantha hesitates and then looks away from Sun. Turning almost angrily at Johnny she stares, her eyes filling with tears. "Y'know damn well I wouldn't go along with this, Nny. This isn't right." Johnny takes a step back and stares at his creation. "...th-fuck? Your not supposed to-" Before he can continue the Samantha clone cuts him off. "You made me based on what you remember, and y'know damn well I wouldn't accept this. It's not right!" She turns and stares at Sun, tears flowing from her cheeks, "Sun-chan... I..." Johnny grits his teeth and screams, "SO YOU'D LET HER FUCKING BE MISERABLE BECAUSE SOME WHORE WOULDN'T LET ME SAVE YOU???" Her eyes turning to anger, Samantha spins around again and reaches for a weapon that isn't there. "...Nny, I was already dead..." She starts to speak but stops, her eyes seeming to blank out in the process. Dropping her head she shudders heavily as tears continue to stream down her face. "...but your right. It'd kill her to put her through all this again." Biting her lip, the girl punches the wall beside her. "Damnit, Johnny. Somehow I'm going to know. I'm going to kill you for this." Johnny smiles and replies back to her, "As you said. I'm already dead...."

Devi walks around Sammy as she eyes her some more. Tugging gently on her tail, Devi Hhmmms and says,"She sure looks real, but this isn't good, not at all." Not offering to elaborate on her statement, she walks past Sun, stopping behind her, eyes forward as she drops her voice, venom stinging from her words. "Sammy's right, this is wrong. Comforting, perhaps, but not right at all." She walks off and sits on some rubble, considering what she's gotten herself into. She does want to help Nny but fooling fool's is another thing.

Sun listens quietly, not speaking a word. "...I know this is wrong, Sammy..." She lowers her head, so her hair shadows her eyes. "...This isn't right at all. But..." She smiles sadly. "...Let me live a lie for once. It has been nearly...what, two years, at least? No...that's not right...time goes too fast for me...it's been far too long..." A sparkling tear falls from her eyes, landing on the ground. "I want to live this lie...I've been suffering for so long, Samantha...I tried to move on, but I...I can't. I even had someone who I should have loved, cast a spell to ease my suffering...but it didn't work." She lifts her head, her eyes suddenly portraying an undescribable sadness. "Let me live this lie...at least for a little while. Let me have this small comfort. I know this is not real...it is just an illusion made by someone who I DO consider a dear friend...to bring me some relief from..." She puts her free hand over her heart. "...from this pain I've been feeling for far too long..."

Johnny casts his gaze away as Sun and Samantha speak. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. He didn't plan this. Why doesn't he have control?? Of course, he already knows the answer. He spent so much time remembering his friend so he could make her as perfect as he possibly could, but what he'd forgotten was how strong her concious was. So, of course, even if the manerisims wheren't quite right, this image is as close to her as any of them have been for countless years. He keep his gaze away as he winces, both from his own emotions and from the conversation being carried on. Finally she starts to speak. About time, he thinks. Holding this illusion any longer might prove harder than he'd planned as well...

Samantha shakes her head. "I... Y-your right. Alright. If you really think that keeping me here, even for a little while would help you. I'll do it... but, Sun. It's not right. I can't stay." Little does she know that there's more truth to that than anyone is ready to find out. Johnny's form is fading again... "Y'got me for now. Take it or leave it. But if, and I do mean IF..." Samantha turns and address this to Johnny himself as the maniac seems to be clutching his chest and doubled over. Is he in pain? "IF there is ANY chance I'm still alive somewhere - you end this illusion. You send me back to whatever hell you drempt me up from. Ok, Nny?" Johnny collapses onto the pavement. His form radicly shifting from normal to transparent. "NNY?" Johnny's form fades and vanishes leaving only the trio standing in the street. "Oh fuck..."

Sun nods silently to Sam, reaching out and silently wrapping her arms around Samantha's waist. "Hai...I'll take you...if only for a little while. Maybe..." She smiles sadly. "Maybe I can feel alive again." She closes her eyes, leaning her head against the illusion of her lover's shoulder...then, she notices Johnny, lifting her head with concern. "...Johnny?" As he collapses, her eyes widen...then, she can only squeak as he dissapears. "Nani...?" She glances around, before focusing on the spot 'Nny WAS in. "Douko? Did...did he wake up?"

Devi eyes go wide as she watches the drama and Nny fades. As soon as he hits the pavement, she's on her feet and starts dashing towards him, dropping to her knees as she smacks the ground where he vanished. "Fucking shit!" Her gaze snaps up to Sun and Sammy, her cold calculating gaze on Sun, the emotion clear on her face, the blame will fall on Sun is Nny doesn't come back, if he dies, or 'Moves on' Whatever they guys in charge have planned for him. If he goes, Devi will place all the blame on the weak dragoness. "You two enjoy you're reuinion and I'm sorry to bitch and run." Her words are harsh, barly covered by civility. "I've gotta go find him. He might have popped back up at his house." She pushes herself up and sprints in the direction of Nny's house, her eyes narrowed as her boots slap against the concrete, her arms pumping and she's gained quite a bit of speed it seems. Skidding, she bends over and touches the ground to balence herself as she darts towards the south.

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