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Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok
Full Name: Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok

Series: Original

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Age: 76
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 117 lbs.

Short Description:

Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok
Some people are born blessed with lovely features. Some modify their bodies to suit their personal preferences. The woman before you is a wonderful example of both of those worlds, melded together into a charming package. She stands at a fair 5'8", with slender curves, and has a rather out of this world appearance about her, one which is only enhanced by the myriad of darkly inked tattoos covering her body.

Her hair is kept long, ending right near her rear end; it is mostly platinum blonde, with streaks of dark red throughout. Interestingly enough, it appears that she has shaved the side of her head; fortunately, she wears it well. Her ears have been guaged, with black plugs through the holes. Her face itself is quite appealing, with soft, blue eyes, a button nose, and full lips , all set on high cheekbones and a pleasantly curved face.

That pretty face is about the only thing on her that doesn't have dark ink permanantly etched into the skin. The rest of her willowy frame is quite sufficiently covered in tattoos of various shapes, sizes and styles. They nicely compliment her complexion, and that nicely tanned skin. Her style varies quite a bit, depending on mood and weather. Some days, she rocks out in bright colors, while others she prefers a darker palette. Typically, she's found in flowing dresses, though she occasionally dons pants and t-shirts; a particular fondness, when weather permits, is short shorts and tank tops.

Did I mention tattoos? She has a lot of them.


Last Pre-Unification Description

A strange woman stands here before you, dark and enigmatic, yet at the same time, somewhat familiar (at least to those who already know Sun). She stands at roughly 5'6" tall, and her appearance as a whole casts a somewhat frightening aura into any place she inhabits.

Ebony black hair covers the woman's head, ending just above her shoulders; one small strand hangs over her eyes, reguardless of any and all methods she tries to push it back. In good lighting, a bit of bright red shines through the black, though that's on the very lucky occasion that there's actually sunlight in Twisted. A pair of icy, pale blue eyes gaze out at the world, a wise look within them, possibly signifying that this girl knows more about the world than what her apparent age suggests...but they also have a look of wickedness stirring beneath their depths. Her face is thin and angular, quite kind on the eyes, with deathly pale but flawless skin.

Her body is lithe, will toned, though definately not lacking in areas pleasing to the eye. Currently covering her curves is a black cut-off halter top, which is attatched around her neck by a thin, black leather collar; a similar collar cuts the shirt off just below her sternum, leaving her pale middriff exposed. Set low on her hips are a pair of black velour pants, which cling to her frame quite nicly, and upon her feet, a pair of heavy-looking black buckle up boots, with thick soles.

The pale skin and somewhat gothic attire isn't what makes this woman so frightening, however; in fact, her somewhat tame appearane ALMOST takes away from that frightening aura she has going. What gives her that frightening look are those gruesome extra appendages she sports. On her back are a pair of what appear to be dragon wings...but these are different, and certainly far from being normal. The bones that support her wings are exposed, what was once beautiful sapphire scales apparently ripped away by something or other; a shoulder blade of sorts is visible, connecting each wing to her back, and a cruel-looking spike ripples up behind her from each scapula. The scaly membranes of her wings are torn and tattered; a few patches of the scales upon those membranes shine a bright sapphire, revealing what they must have once looked like when she was alive, but around each tear or rip in the flesh, they appear to be fading, becoming dull and dead-looking. How she can possibly fly with her wings in this state is almost inconcievable. Behind her is yet another eerie appendage: an obviously draconic, reptilian tail, gleaming the same sapphire as her wings. In some spots, however, the flesh and muscle is absent, revealing ivory white tail bones; somehow, despite the obvious lack of a functional muscular system, she can still swish it about as though nothing were wrong.

One last thing adds to that frightening aura she carries about with her. Though not exactly offensive to the nose, one could swear that they can smell the faint, hardly-there scent of death hangs in the air around her, reguardless of the sweet, flower-like perfume that she wears. For those who can sense it, some major death necromancy surrounding this woman, to a somewhat frightening extent.

Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok

Breath Weapon: In her dragon form, Sul is able to use her breath weapons, which she has two different types; one is a force-type cone that tears through creatures and objects in its path, and the other (often unused due to its drain on her body) is a 'gas' that speeds or slows the victim's aging process up to a year every three rounds they are exposed.

Aura of Time: From an early age, Sul learned to control this aura; with this, time is distorted in a 40 foot area around her; within this area, time seems to go slower, while outwardly, it appears that time is jumping around. It requires concentration to initially activate, then acts as a continuous spell until Sul decides to end it.

Temporal Flux: Being a Time Dragon, Sul Uv naturally exists strangely out of time; she can essentially move about on the field in what may seem to be teleportation, but is actually her natural ability to bend time to her will. This, however, takes a lot out of her, and she is only able to use it three times within a day. Alternately, she can focus her mind and cause herself to wink out of reality, reappearing at another place, and even at another time (within 2 years of the current date) if she so chooses. It is far more difficult for her to appear in the past than it is to appear at a point in the future, and the former takes far more concentration than the latter. When using this ability to travel, Sul can take up to three people with her, though they must remain in contact the entire time she is focusing.

Dimensional Door: Sul is quite incapable of using this ability; she has only done so once, and it brought her to Twisted. In theory, she could use this ability to escape Twisted, but she’s got a good 25 years before the budding ability will actually function properly. Until then, she can attempt to use it, but it will interact poorly with Twisted, and likely end up injuring her by way of nasty cuts and near decapitation.

Haste: Sul is able to make herself and up to two others move more swiftly than normal, by manipulating the time around them. This isn’t a dramatic effect, but it efficiently grants an upper hand.

Slow: Using similar techniques to her haste abilities, Sul is able to slow down up to two opponents by manipulating the strings of time around them. While not a dramatic effect, it can grant an upper hand to Sul and her allies.

Telekinetic Force: With concentration, Sul can push or pull an object weighing no more than 200 lbs with force. This is usually used to knock an opponent off of their feet, but can be used for smaller purposes, such as pulling a drink toward herself without using her hands or opening doors (like a Jedi). When used for smaller purposes, she can go for a good hour or two straight, or all day. However, using it in a violent manner tends to take more out of her, and is thus limited to three times.

Regeneration: While it’s never instantaneous, Sul can regenerate her wounds. Usually, a wound that would take a normal human a good month to recover from will take roughly a week to heal, and so on. More severe wounds can take much longer. If a limb is removed, she can regrow it within a month. This can generally prevent her from dying from some wounds that would be considered fatal to others, mostly due to blood that clots quickly.

Form Shifting: Sul Uv is able to turn into the shape of most species she encounters, assuming she obtains a good visual reference. However, her preferred shapes are an elf-like woman, and occasionally a smaller bird of prey, usually a hawk-type creature. On rare occasions, she can modify her humanoid shape to bear her dragon wings and tail, though she usually avoids this when attempting to blend in. Other shapes take much more effort / concentration as well as a visual reference, so she usually doesn’t often bother with this.

Flight: Sul has wings and can fly like an eagle~

Biting / Claws / Tail: Dragons have sharp teeth and sharp claws, and they like to whip their tails around and break things!

Enhanced Strength: Sul Uv is roughly twice as strong as humanoids in her humanoid form; while she can’t flip cars, she could probably hold it up to help change a tire. She can pack a good punch, too.

Hand-To-Hand and Swords: Sul Uv is a competent fighter in her humanoid form; her pet humanoids taught her how to efficiently work while in said shape. She is nimble and quick, with quite a bit of flexibility adding to her quick striking style. She is able to use a bladed weapon competently, though she is certainly no sword master.

Sun’s Dragon shape is roughly the size of a semi truck with a trailer, and is likely a few feet taller than one.


Metropolis Logs

ChronoMUCK Logs

Pre Unification Logs

Twisted Logs


New Unified Timeline

In an alternate universe, things were quite different for the dragon planet that brought Sun Amnariss into existence. There was no hostile force to wipe them from existence in this universe, no great war to bring down the great creatures. They thrived, in fact, branching out to other planets in other systems, where they became the basis for many myths. There were many different Dovah Brod, each of them with their own areas and beliefs, though all united (mostly) under the rule of the Yuvon and Zilf clans. The only clans that did not follow their rule were the Fus, Faain and Tiid (AKA Ahgul), themselves a class all of their own.

The Tiid dragons kept to themselves in their secluded lairs. Thought to be gods among the others of their species (untrue) and guardians of time itself, they rarely showed themselves, content to remain in their pocket of the universe unless they saw fit to return to their home. Birth rate was always low with the Ahgul, possibly due to their long lives and partially due to their timeless nature. Guardians of time, they rarely met with each other, and even more rarely did they breed successfully.

Thus, it was quite celebrated when twin eggs were laid and hatched, and many gathered to meet the youth. Sul Uv and Vulon Uv, they were named, for the light of the sun and moons of their home world. They were raised well by their parents the first few years, taught how to control their abilities as they developed, and how to follow in their ancestor’s footsteps and protect time from would-be interference, while observing what they could.

Sul, the lighter scaled of the pair, was bright and cheerful, but a bit more reckless than the calmer yet darker Vulon, whose scales matched her own bleak outlook. They were both eager in their lessons, taking to their abilities quite well; Sul tended toward fighting and breath, while Vulon was better with mastering her innate abilities. Both took to form shifting quite well, and as they aged they would often meld into various societies that they found for fun. Often, their nature would get the best of them, and these adventures often ended with sticky fingers bringing home some type of shiny thing.

As they grew older, they were brought to a cliff-dwelling village, where a race of primitive people the dragons had ‘domesticated’, as they called it, would continue to raise them. There they learned to hunt, to fend for themselves, and at the same time, they learned that kinship with the lesser creatures was not a bad thing (something the Vokul Brods disagreed with). They formed their bonds, and also learned of their longevity as compared to their companions, who they soon came to feel as one would toward their beloved pets.

During this time they also learned how to better use their humanoid bodies,

As their Juvenile years came, they were encouraged by both parents and their humanoid companions to be away for longer periods of time, and were driven off more often. For the most part, the sisters stuck together in their adventures, but as they aged, they wandered apart more often as well. They were both in their early 70’s, still young and curious about the world, the last time they saw each other.

They’d had a quarrel that morning; it was nothing serious, but the pair both left angry. Vulon went her own way, and Sul went hers. On a whim, she decided to attempt to use her innate ability to slip through the dimensions (one which she had not been taught and had no clue how to actually use). Unfortunately, she seemed to have found herself in exactly the wrong place and wrong time, and with no prior knowledge of the uses of this ability, a mistake was made and she found herself lost on a path she had never been before. The path led to a strange world, like she had never seen before, where her abilities felt strange and off thanks to the physics of the universe itself.

And her appearance did not go unnoticed. Oblivion found her when she was still disoriented from her trip, and promptly wiped her memories. For nearly a year, Sul Uv lived as Sun, with no recollection of her past, and it was good -- for a while. Eventually, she tracked down Oblivion once more, and requested to have her memories returned. Unfortunately, Oblivion gave her fabricated memories from the version of her that lived in Twisted before.

After getting her hands on Tabitha's Dread blade, however, something went awry, and Sun seemed to drop completely out of existence, bringing the blade with her. When she returned, she had rid herself of the mental corruption that Oblivion had inflicted on her, once again her true self, and a much scarier person than she was before, with a much finer level of control over her abilities.


Before the Unification of Twisted Sun traveled the Multiverse and had a lasting relationship with Samantha Li-Bogard. With a story about Samantha being brought back to life, Sun followed Johnny C. to the world of Chronos to find her lost love. Eventually the search led her to the Twisted Street, chasing Sammy's soul like a moth to a flame. With the help of Johnny, the two created a clone to carry on the lost cat-girl's memory which later took the name Tabitha Li-Bogard who eventually killed Samantha when she was finally brought back to life and freed of the forces which had been controlling her for decades.

While waiting on Twisted for Samantha, Sun eventually engaged in a relation ship with Bran Lughaidh which resulted in the birth of a child. Their family was short lived, however as the child, Raven Lughaidh, was lost in the ravages of time forcing her father to chase after her.

Sun herself eventually met her end due to a rivalry with Devi D., another person from Johnny's original home world. Devi keeps Sun's soul trapped in a gemstone around her neck to prevent her from coming back in the same manor as Samantha. Bran would also meet a similar fate after trying to reclaim Sun's soul from Devi, returning to Twisted too late to stop her demise.


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