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Bran Lughaidh
Full Name: Bran Lughaidh

Series: Original
Class: Grace

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: very old
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 185 lbs

Short Description:

Bran Lughaidh
You see nothing special.
Bran Lughaidh
Originally a brawler of sorts, when he reappeared, he had a sword, which was used in conjunction with his melee skills. However, few still exist who saw what he could do, and even fewer who were the object of it survived. Outside the records of heaven and hell, and the legends of his homeworld, his true abilities are lost to history.

His sword was not found on the corpse when it was searched later, and it's whereabouts remain unknown.


Bran Lughaidh, also known for a long time only as LoneWolf, was born on a world of sword and sorcery. Little else is know about this world other than that he and his comrades, each an avatar of a diety of the world known as a 'Grace', endured severe hardships in their lives there, and that by the time he came to Twisted, only 2 of the five still remained.

He originally somehow found a way off his homeworld, and slipped through the dimensions to a place called NeoTokyo. There, he encountered things he never would have expected. He faught Akuma, saw mecha, read manga, and even learned to play a guitar. As expected, he made more than his fair share of friends and enemies, among them the notorious Fred Diggers, who he almost managed to kill on one occasion, and the well-known Sun Amnariss, with whom he skirted the edge of a relationship with. His remaining companion, a man known only as Bloodfang, even managed to track him down between dimensions, and while not the best of friends, some amusing misadventures came about as a result of their meanderings.

Eventually, as a result of a magical mishap, both he and Bloodfang were whisked away to places and times unknown. They were not seen or heard from again for many many years.

The next time he appeared was in Twisted. He carried with him a sword, which he had not worn while in NeoTokyo. He also once more met Sun Amnariss, this time willingly persuing a relationship while he could. They had one child during this time, a child whisked away from them shortly after birth by one of the vortexs of random energy that appear throughout Twisted street. He followed after, once more plunging through dimensions, to try to find the lost child, promising to return somehow should he succeed.

Succeed he did, and an unknown amount of time later, he found a way to return, now-teenaged daughter in tow. The name she had come to be known by was Raven. He discovered his mothers child was sealed within a gem held by Devi D.. He went to her and requested Suns release. He and Raven would be leaving, and wanted to send her to whatever afterlife awaited her before they did so.

His request was quickly refused.

He then tried a subtle ploy: luring Devis friend, Tenna, into hell to try to hide her presence. He then approached Devi again, offering her friend for his daughters mothers soul. Devi once more refused, and a short battle ensued. Bran finally had enough, and let Devi know the truth about the path she appeared to be walking, loud and clear, prompting her to attack him in a rage, thus finally ending his life.


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