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Full Name: Tenna

Series: I Feel Sick

Threat Level: Civilian

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: mid-20's

Short Description: The hyper-active best friend of Devi D. and owner of Spooky.

A woman of mixed heritage, referred to by some as mulatto, Tonja (or Tenna as she likes to be called) is a permanently caffeinated and hyper young woman in her mid-twenties. With a penchant for wearing green and black and talking to her inanimate squeak toy, Spooky, Tenna is definitely the type of person most people can only deal with in small doses. Stay on her good side and she might prank your house while you're away. Get on her bad side and you'll have to hear endless stories about how you ran around in an animal suit and need to get out of your house more. That might only be in one specific example, though. Tenna has black hair that she usually just pulls back with a headband when she's lazy. It's possible she never brushes it either. It just kinda does what it wants. DO YOU WANNA TALK TO SPOOKY?!



Originating in the series Johnny the Homicidal Maniac under the name Tonja, Tenna became the character she is today in the pages of the follow up series I Feel Sick which focused on Devi, Johnny's former girlfriend and one of the only people he tried to kill who lived. Not much is said about Tenna besides her insistence that Devi needs to get out more and her frequent insertion of silly costumes on people in stories about them.

If being constantly hyper isn't bad enough, Tenna's favorite toy is a skeleton-looking squeak toy she named Spooky. ...and she squeaks it all the time usually while screaming "TALK TO SPOOKY!"


Tenna arrived on Twisted shortly after Devi, she then proceeded to camp out in her friend's apartment doing god knows what while Devi ran off to visit DBA. Upon returning Devi was greeted to a bathtub full of jello.[1] Tenna's hyperactivity has often made her a target for chaotic characters such as Oblivion who just seemed to ignite that chaos into something worse, like a lightsaber duel in the middle of Twisted with working lightsabers.[2]

Recently Tenna has been working part time at the Usual Restaurant and annoying patrons with her special blend of zesty spices. Apparently she actually makes a good bartender.[3] Who knew?


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