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Full Name: Tak

Occupation: Space Janitor
Series: Invader Zim

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Female
Species: Irken

Short Description: While not in disguise, a child sized, green skinned, black antennaed, purple eyed alien in a long purple, and black top with black pants, gloves, and steel toed boots.

Age: Unknown Birthdate: Unknown
Height: about human child size Weight: unknown, but a lot of it's probably her PAK

You see nothing special.

Irken Species Notes:
PAK - All Irkens have a PAK. The PAK is their life support and holds their personalities within it as well. However, it is of note that the PAK is not meant to have it's own power. Tak and Zim's PAKs are both said to be malfunctioning as they are non-compliant and willingly break commands.

The Tallest - Irkens have a rather odd ruling system. No matter WHAT an Irken's personality or competence is there is only one attribute that marks them for leadership. The tallest of Irken kind will rule the entire species. If there are two Irkens that are tied for the tallest both of them rule in unison, and so on. Based on this system, the smaller an Irken is, the more bad treatment and disdain it will receive. Notably, Tak and Zim both are very short and few Irkens surpass them in the attribute of shortness.

Aging - It is unknown how Irken aging compares to aging of other species. However it is known that age seems to do very little to change an Irken's appearance over time. For instance, Tak is known to be older than 50, and still looks rather like a young child due to her size. Her guises are also affected by this, as she usually takes on the guise of young girls.

Weaknesses - Irken bodies happen to be rather weak to water as well as most human foods(which tend to contain water). However, it's shown that with enough dedication and training an Irken can over come this.

Power - Somehow, in spite of all their downfalls, Irken kind actually rules most of the universe that it is present in. There is a meager resistance against them and few planets which have not yet been conquered. The Irken started a new system in which, every several years, they'll send out a group of Irken Invaders. Out of all the planets the Tallest decide to invade, only one Irken is sent to each. Somehow the invaders tend to be successful. Each Invader is presented with a SIR unit, which is meant to act as information retrieval as well as having other useful features. Zim's SIR isn't honestly a SIR as he is basically a SIR's shell that was filled with trash rather than the workings of a SIR. On the other hand, Tak's SIR was an abandoned SIR that she customized and upgraded herself.

Tak was born as most Irkens were. Out of a tube, where she was plucked out by a cold, unfeeling, robot hand, and then equipped with the PAK that gave her, her life and personality, and other things. As odd as the Irken life is, getting such things from a techno-implant at birth, it's what the entire species endures. It's almost a wonder if the Irken empire is truly a bunch of robotic seeming beings that started farming a HIGHLY weak alien race to use as their organic bodies. Anyway…since the beginning Tak was quite set on the life of being a warrior for the Irken Empire. For fifty years she had trained with a strong and studious determination and loyalty to her race's leaders, the Tallest. At some point during this fifty years, she'd gone through the trouble of getting herself fitted with a cybernetic hypnotic implant.

However, on the day she was taking a test that would prove very important to her future as one of the Elite, Zim happened to visit a vending machine. That vending machine was right outside of the building Tak was testing in. When the machine failed to give Zim his desired snack, he lost his temper and actually used a high grade mechanical weapon to attack the machine. Said weapon's blast was powerful enough to knock out power on half of the test planet, Devastis. The result from the attack also left Tak stranded in the building she'd been testing in for an unknown amount of time. After Tak had been freed in some manner, she pleaded with planet Devastis' control brain to let her take the test. However, as testing had already happened on the OTHER half of the planet, the control brain refused and told her that there was a seventy year wait time until she could try again.

Because of this, Tak was assigned to janitorial duty on planet Dirt. That was one of the lowest of lows, a complete embarrassment for someone who'd been training so hard to be an elite warrior. Tak became enraged by her situation and began her plans on how to bring her life back into the glory it was meant to have. She found many discarded things on planet Dirt that she fixed, modified, or used to build new things while she bided her time. Eventually she learned of WHO it was that had caused her unfortunate redirection in life. With his knowledge she seeked more knowledge of Zim, eventually leading her to speak directly with the Tallest.

Between this and a time of adapting herself to most of the weaknesses that Earth had to offer, Tak's plans eventually reached a climax. Tak revealed herself in a human guise on Earth. She purposely tracked down Zim, despite how much she claimed and planned that her actions WEREN'T done for revenge, and joined his school as the daughter of a wealthy weenie vendor. Her disguise and hatred of Zim was enough to even fool Dib, who'd always been very driven toward the paranormal. However, after she'd revealed her plans to "take what was rightfully her's" from Zim, Zim eventually managed to convince Dib of the truth about Tak. Though Tak's plan was going accordingly (the planet's molten core was being drained out and was to be replaced by snacks in her attempt to impress the rather snack obsessed Tallest) Zim, Dib, Gaz, and GIR managed to stop her and reverse the effect of her plans.

The major factor in stopping her plan? The others had come up with an idea to interface Zim's incredibly dumb and defective SIR unit, GIR, to the mind of Tak's SIR unit, Mimi. Mimi then proceeded to dance about randomly and slam herself on the controls of Tak's ship whilst Tak was in a space ship battle with Zim. This caused Tak to be unable to fly her ship properly and she eventually floated off into space, whereabouts unknown.


Tak, in her reality, is smart to the point of possibly being one of the smartest people alive. Though this has no bearing in the multiverse, as her reality is fairly dim witted for the most part, it has given her a rather high impression of herself. She's quite likely to speak badly of others, but far more likely to exploit any weakness of thier's she discovers and then laugh in their face about it. Obviously, she's NOT a very nice person. However, this mostly came about due to her rage at how Zim ruined her life. She originally, might have actually been a nicer sort of person. Now she's embittered and finds lots of humor in the weakness of those she deems to be her enemies.

Given her strong, and more so dedicated than most, upbringing as an Irken warrior, Tak believes there is no excuse for weakness and that weaknesses must be destroyed. This is part of what has lead her into being an actual danger to her enemies, as she has managed to push her limits, adapting to some of the weaknesses of her species. She's always worked tirelessly in effort to impress the Tallest, in a hope of getting the destiny she thought she deserved back. However, the mutiverse gives her many new possibilities. Depending on how things go in the multi-verse, she may very well turn her back on the Tallest for the fact they allowed such shame to become her in the first place. This would be because she is becoming more and more driven to give herself some sort of name and meaning, to the point that serving the Tallest may eventually become second fiddle to her own needs.

Used to being out for world conquest, yet still used to being a follower (much as she's trained as part of an army, yet entirely able to act as an army of one), Tak would find it most useful within the multiverse to ally and possibly even fully join with like minded people. This would be because of the wide difference between this reality and her own. While staying purely to Irken alliances would work in her own reality, she knows it would render her nearly useless in this one. Besides, how ELSE is she supposed to learn to pose as other races if she doesn't try to live amongst them? That said, Tak seems to take a great liking towards building her guises. She enjoys learning of other races and trying to ferret out their Achilles heels, and more so enjoys the act of successfully posing as one of them, thus fooling many people.

Despite Tak's liking of sneakery, she is very much not cowardly as well as /generally/ being a very loyal follower. Just don't expect her to be your bestest best friend…it probably won't end well.


Disguises - Tak has a mentally controlled holographic generator. While she's by no means a shape shifter, she can pull one over on lots of different races by merely using a sort of implant to put an appearance over herself and Mimi. With the use of this and studying things closely before trying to invade into them, Tak is usually very good at fitting in amongst her to be victims.

Cybernetic Hypnotic Implant - Tak has a Cybernetic Implant that allows her to attempt hypnotization against other people by the mere act of looking at them with a glint in her eye. This will allow her a very short span of time to control the person who happens to fall victim to it on a verbal command. In game this would last for only one or two rounds and can be shrugged off by the target. This also requires concentration on Tak's part.

Tech Smarts - Tak modified her first ship and built her second, as well as modifying her SIR. She has many other small tech gadgets that she made from scratch out of scrap on Planet Dirt. Examples of such are fast working 'bugs' that effectively act as moving, tiny area EMPs. Tak managed her rather large base of operations on Earth, which also doubled as a pump to spew the molten core of Earth out into space. She's also rather good at things such as programming, since she placed the personality program into the Spittle Runner herself. In short, tech is one of Tak's strongest areas of expertise.

Training - Having dedicated herself to her training to become an elite, Tak has learned to pilot several sorts of vehicles and use several kinds of weapons. However, the most obvious effect of her training, is that she has managed to rid herself of the Irken Biology's weaknesses for things like human food. He can easily surround herself in meats and use them to 'torture' other Irkens (read Zim) without even needing to flinch. Tak trained long and hard to become this good, of course.

PAK - The PAK is a multi-purpose tool containing spidery legs, a communicator, binoculars, lasers, and many other techno goodies that have been gathered by Tak. The PAK's true purpose, however is that it contains all of Tak's memories and personality. The PAK basically IS Tak, and without it her body will die within the span of ten minutes. If for any reason someone else is holding the PAK, it will attempt to attach to them and override their personality. This can be very dangerous to said carrier.

MiMi - Mimi is a modified SIR robot that is capable of being disguised by the same mind controlled holographic generator as Tak. On Earth Mimi was guised as a rather evil looking black cat. The modification of her SIR gives it higher speed, flexibility and strength. She is also equipped with a firewall after the incident with GIR being able to 'possess' her.

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