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The 24*7 is the primary convenience store in the City of Twisted.

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Grid Descriptions

With a horrible ding from the doorbell, you find yourself in one of a chain of convenience stores called 24*7. Here amidst the smell of old hotdogs, under the watchful eye of a magazine-reading clerk, you can purchase just about anything you might desire. Just so long as you can look past the horribly-named products they sell here. In fact, there's four aisles of such products running the length of the building, with 'ICE COLD DRINKS' going down the wall across from the register, and various drink machines and rotating hot dog grills occupying the back wall. Need some donuts, nachoes, hot dogs, Steamy Chili-Wankers, Brain Freezys, Beany Chips, or cans of Poop Cola? Well - you've come to the right place!


BrainFreezy Machine

A rather beat up and dirty looking "BRAINFREEZY™" machine with three spouts. The first spout has a label which reads "Frosty Peanut - Everyone likes their nuts cold!" The second spout's label reads, "Cherry Doom - Doom, doom, doom..." And the final spout has a large sign which reads, "NEW! ICY HAM!", with a picture of a pig in a block of ice.

PULL SPOUT GENTLY - Oh... Oh, yeah. That's good.

Canary Box

A video rental service that looks like a yellow touch-screen arcade machine. These things have been popping up everywhere lately. You make selections on the screen from various film and game genres and the disk just ejects from the side. Everything else is handled in the background by computers without anyone having to do anything. Who benefits from a system like this? Why offer them for free? There's no answers on the machine, just a happy bird icon and a 'Manufactured by Medical Mechanica' sticker next to the disk slot.

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